iPhone App Review – Learning Foot Reflexology in Multi Language

Reflexology Foot Massage developed by Hap Inc (Japanese Company) is an iPhone app packed with features that aids in teaching one how to conduct self foot reflexology.

Clean Interface

The start page of the app looks very clean and straight-forward, with only three links to the app, Order of the massage, Place adaptation, Reflexology diagram.

Multi-lingual Settings

One of the unique features of this app is the multi-lingual settings for different users. There are Japanese, English, Korea, Mandarin (Simplified), Mandarin (Traditional) language selection for the users to choose from. Simply go the top right hand corner of the app and tap on the setting icon and it will bring you to the language setting options.

Order of the Massage.

It will guide you through a sequential animated diagram on where and how to massage a point on the feet. It will also state the place adaption and its symptoms.

Place Adaptation

If you are looking for doing feet reflexology for a certain parts of the body, you can look in the place adaptation where they have listed down all the body areas which you are looking for and you can enter straight into that particular segment. Quite straightforward.

Reflexology Diagram

For those that are not sure which area you should massage on your feet, you can check it out on the reflexology diagram. It will show the diagram for the right and foot foot and additionally they will show the inner, outer and instep of the foot as well. One of the things I liked about the diagrams is though simple, it contained reasonably well information on the areas on your feet with colours indicated over the area. It is easy to recognised and see even though the iPhone screen was not really big.