How to install Whatsapp on Macbook.

Have you ever thought of installing Whatsapp onto your Macbook so that you can chat your laptop while doing your work at the same time without keep looking at your mobile phone ? Unlike apps like Skype and Viber, they already have a platform ready for installation from their website. Thanks to android emulator called bluestacks, it is now all possible for Whatsapp to be readily available and installed on MAC or PC.

Step 1. Go to and download the Windows or MAC version that is appropriate for you. Please note for Macbook users, the minimum requirement is OS X 10.6 or later.
Step 2. Download and install the file. The file size for Macbook application is about 116mb so it might take a while. One thing I liked about Macbook, the Drag and drop application installation. Simply easy.

Step 3. Open Bluestack application and at the bottom left corner, there is a search icon, click on it and search for Whatsapp application. Once you have found it, click install.

Step 4. After you have installed the Whatsapp Messenger, you will be prompt to sign in with a Google Account. The application will prompt that Google Account is not linked with this phone (Bluestack). Click finish setup to close the window. Please note that I have use a proxy gmail address for demonstration purposes.

Step 5. It is a bit tedious on the installation of the Whatsapp app for the first time. Now, go back to the Search Icon on the bottom left again and click it. This time there will be an additional pop-up window showing Whatsapp on from different platform. Find and select Whatsapp Messenger. I did not manage to capture the screenshot of the Whatsapp icon, but you if screen slowly, you will see the app.

Step 6. After clicking the icon, you should see the page top like below. Click Download and then Accept and Download. The next step it will bring you to phone verification via sms or phone call.

Step 7. If everything goes well for the above steps, you will see the screen like below. Click Agree and continue. Here is the tricky part, the whatsapp will prompt for an verification via sms and it will fail as the verification cannot be done via Bluestack. Tap “Call Me” and receive the pin from the phone call instead and enter the verification code and you are almost done.

Step 8. Completed ! You are into your Profile info page and click next will bring you into the conversation list.

Drawbacks On Using Whatsapp on Macbook

  • If you are already in the conversation list, you might not find all the existing conversation except for group chats. This is because the Bluestack does not sync the contacts from your iPhone. You will need to add in contacts one by one from the Whatsapp on the Macbook. 
  • The existing group conversation does not show the trailing messages from the iPhone. What you type now does not appears on your iPhone either.
  • The interface of the Whatsapp is slightly different. After you have finish your message you want to type, press Right and Enter to respond to a reply. To interchange between different conversation, you will have to press Esc and select the conversation again.
  • When you are using Whatsapp on Bluestack, you are automatically logged off from the iPhone. If you decided to switch back to mobile phone, they will ask for SMS verification again. One important thing is if you decided to switch back to Bluestack’s Whatsapp and again to iPhone’s Whatsapp in short period of time, it will block you number temporary, so be sure to take note of that. 
Hope that this article has helped those looking for solutions to use Whatsapp on a Macbook and feel free to feedback or ask and I can try to help. Thanks for viewing !