Babies Bellies – Javanese Massage & Spa Specially for Mummies

Photo by Babies Bellies.

The founder decided to set up Babies Bellies Javanese Massage and Spa after her positive experience of Jamu pre and post natal massage. The treatment not only helped her maintained her figure and also achieved weight reduction after pregnancy. She hired certified masseurs with many years of experience to help mothers experience overall body wellness. Though the spa focuses on pre-natal and post-natal massage, they also provide tummy trimming treatment, wraps, facials, manicure & pedicure.

Additionally, they are affiliated to certified and licensed Chinese nannies and Chinese confinement meals. If you are a mother looking to satisfy pre-natal and post-natal pregnancy needs, Babies Bellies will definitely to be your one stop choice of health and wellness.

Babies Bellies services include body firming and tummy trimming treatment, pre and post natal massage and a variety of other massage services, which are available for men too! It seems like an ideal place to be at for couples, where the wives can keep in shape while the hubbies can enjoy some relaxation as well!

Babies Bellies’ website is both informational and welcoming, and it certainly provides a pretty good first impression of its massage and spa. It would be most interesting to hear from you if you have tried their Javanese massage, especially those who have tried a pre or post natal massage. So do feel free to leave comments or post a review for us to share your personal experience!

Babies Bellies at Golden Landmark

No. 390 Golden Landmark, Victoria St, #01-48
Singapore 188061
Tel: +65 6296 7198,
Mobile: +65 9228 6372 / +65 9222 1544
Operating Hours: Mon to Sat – 10am to 8pm (Including PH except Hari Raya), Sun: Closed

Babies Bellies at United Square
110 United Square, #01-55, Thomson Road, Singapore 307591
Tel: +65 6356 6623
Mobile: +65 9228 6372 / +65 9222 1544
Operating Hours: Mon to Sat – 10am to 8pm (Include PH except Hari Raya), Sun: 10am to 5pm

Body treats for mothers at Jamu Massage Singapore

Jamu Massage Singapore (JMSG) was established to all mothers and moms-to-be to prepare them for a whole new experience. As the mom undergo pregnancy, there is a change psychologically and physically which could said to be traumatic to both the mother and the baby. Therefore, through Jamu massage,  it will not only aid the new mummy in reducing of psychological and physical stress, it also helps the baby in the womb.

Jamu Massage Singapore has been a specialist in the confinement trade for more than 24 years, after seeing that there is a lack of quality and experience professional therapists to serve the mummies to overcome their pre-natal discomfort and post-natal worries.

Moreover, one of the advantages that Jamu Massage Singapore is providing is that mums does not need to leave home to massage parlors or hospitals for the pre-natal and post-natal massage. The therapist will pamper the mums in their own home to experience before and after their child delivery.

Jamu Massage Mummy Oriented Services

  • Pre-natal Massage – 4 months before the Estimated Delivery Date
  • Post-natal Massage (De’ Jamu) – 5 days after the delivery through Natural Birth, 3 weeks after the delivery through C-section.
  • Slimming Treatment
  • Baby Massage Tutorial
Jamu Massage Singapore provides Pre-natal massage 4 months before estimated arrival of your baby. Each session is priced at SGD 82, lasting 1 hour. They have package sessions at the following rates;
3 Sessions – SGD 240
5 Sessions – SGD 375
7 Sessions – SGD 490
9 Sessions – SGD 610
* Terms & Conditions applies

Find out more exclusive promotions for mums on Jamu Massage Facebook Page.

Jamu Massage Singapore

167 Woodland Street 11, #02-23 & #03-23,
Singapore 730167
Tel: 6632 7796

Updated on 20th September 2014