Latest news on Japan’s A (H1N1) influenza – Swine Flu

Japan has announced that they will relax the guidelines for the swine influenza as though it has reached to almost 300 cases. The recent swine influenza has caused a magnificent stress on the country’s economy and also unnecessary restrain to the public as well.

Meanwhile, Osaka prefecture governor, Toru Hashimoto has announced today that he will suggest a 9 billion yen supplement budget in the next Osaka prefecture meeting. Among the budget, 7.6 billion yen would be used for the treatment of chronic diseases and pregnant women, as well as medical improvement subsidies to prevent further spreading of the currently swine influenza (H1N1).

1.4 billion yen would be granted to general medical organizations, (max of 150 thousand yen for each organization) to aid with the purchase medical supplements to prevent swine influenza(H1N1) infection, including the Relenza treatment costs.

The government had been spending around 2.1 billion yen for personal protective gear as well.

Japanese received Nobel Awards

3 Japanese has received awards in Nobel 2008 in Physics for their discovery of broken symmetry in subatomic physics. Or simply to say that they have discovered that there are a smaller unit of atom besides those that we can see in textbook. Lol.

Just in case you guys might wanna to know who are they.

1. Yoichiro Nambu of Enrico Fermi Institute, University of Chicago, USA
2. Makoto Kobayashi of High Energy Accelerator Reseach Organization (KEK), Tsukuba, Japan.
3. Toshihide Maskawa of Kyoto Sangyo University, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP), Japan.

On top of that, Osamu Shimomura of Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), Boston University Medical School, USA has also been awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein.

The last time Japan was awarded a Nobel Prize was 6 years ago and as told from my Japanese teacher, there are lesser and lesser youngsters who are taking up interest in Science. Not only that, Japan are focusing more on economical research and research funds are not provided adequately for the Science sectors.

I mean hey, these guys up there had provided new technology which can be used widely in medical fields in the future. And my own opinion was that they should really focus more on medical since they are facing a serious aging population problem. Right ?

Honda pull-out in F1

Seems like Honda pull-out from F1 has caused quite a stir within the country. The media are using harsh words on Honda after their sudden retreat from F1 formula due to strap of cash.

The critics are not focusing on not winning , but rather that Honda has betrayed their fans and own people trust, diminishing their hopes as a country which has the ability to participate in F1.

Seems like the recent economy recession has not cause an great effects in the industry sectors, but slowly spreading through the sports sector as well. What would be the next sports that will announce this similar news again ?