Izakaya Nijumaru – A Hidden Japanese Restuarant

Cuppage Plaza was much seen as a dodgy on the physical appearance while the building itself is lined with Japanese restaurants and one that attracted my attention was Izakaya Nijumaru. Not because it has almost filled out the entire stretch of shops along the Japanese restaurant, but the crowd that was waiting for their turns. Though I am a person that does not really like queuing for food, I took a chance an waited for a seat.

After staying in Osaka Japan for two years, I have been a great fan of Japanese food that often I will ordered some much food that it takes two to finish ! Below are the some of the dishes I have ordered and finished. (My girl friend did helped me with a small portion 🙂 ). By the way, I have managed to lose the receipt and I could not remember the price.

First to come Chawamushi. One of my girl friend’s favourite. Served hot and comparing with the those you can eat in big restaurants, their chawamushi has one of the most Japanese authentic taste I had ate before in any of the restaurants in Singapore.

Agedashi Tofu. Nicely placed in a small bowl topped with sliced onions and seaweed.

One of my favourite’s Japanese food, Cha Soba.

Grilled Onions.

Grilled Pork Belly.

Ochatsuke with Salmon.


Despite the fact that though the restaurant looks pretty old and hidden right in the corner of Cuppage Plaza, I believed it deserved to be one of the best hidden Japanese Restuarant in Singapore.

Izakaya Nijumaru
5 Koek Road #02-10/12
Cuppage Plaza, Singapore 228796
Tel: 6235 6693, 6235 4857