Enjoy a Japanese’s Spa moment at Ikeda Spa Prestige

Enjoy a therapeutic soak in the Japanese-style wooden tub, covered with roses petals. Photo by City Nomads.

Ikeda Spa Prestige was launched in 2013 after the successful Ikeda Spa. The new Japanese-themed spa is a spa trek to intimate Japanese ryokans (traditional inns that originated in Edo period) – teleporting you to the quiet sanctuaries of Kyoto, away from the bustling city.

The new spa offers 3,000 square feet of Japanese culture and tradition for the guests, with three treatment rooms and two VIP suites named and inspired by the seasons and decorated with a kakejiku (Japanese scroll painting) of stark beauty. Donned in traditional yukatas and step into the warm tatami rooms or enjoy your private Hinoki Bath while overviewing of Singapore river.

Engaged yourself in their new Zen Music Therapy which composes wellness music instantly in tune with the therapist’s movements and lunar cycle. One of the spa’s signature is also the Organic Geisha Facial that uses Japanese nightingale droppings as a key brightening balm.

Ikeda Prestige Spa also brings in Singapore’s first Hinokinuro Sento, an onsen-style public bathhouse. the bath gets its name from the use of hinoki, Japanese’s most prized cypress wood once preserved strictly only for royalty and building of palaces, templates and shrines. The precious wood releases mineral oils with soothing scents and anti-bacterial properties to calm and uplift oneself.

Also was their Nuka Hot Compress treatment involves of rice bran wrapped in a herbal compress and heated before applied to tensed muscles. This not only helps to exfoliator, but also revs up cellular rejuvenation and soothes pain. When applied accurately to meridian points, the heat also aid in increasing energy flow, relaxes muscles and treats chronic aches.


  • Day Spa of the Year 2014 by Asiaspa
  • Best Luxury Day Spa 2014 by World Luxury Hotel Awards
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Spa Information

Ikeda Spa Prestige
The Central #05-22
6 Eu Tong Seng Street
Singapore 059817 Tel: +65 6222 8080
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun – 1.30pm to 10.30pm

Ikeda Spa Japanese Spa at Bukit Timah Road

Ikeda Spa is Singapore’s first Japanese day spa that provides and head to toe spa services. Be greeted by their friendly Nakai-san (Personal assistant) and escorted to the Tatami Zen area for relaxation before the start of your treatment.

Hidden within was also a Japanese Rock Garden, first of its kind in Singapore’s spa.Take a meditive walk in the Garden while enjoying a simple chado (Japanese tea ceremony). Making sure that all guests are being specially taken care of, they have 10 luxurious and spacious treatment rooms, uniquely in Japanese theme. They also have VIP couple spa suite specially made for a couple spa getaway. Imported genuinely from Japan, the VIP couple spa suite is equipped with their Outdoor Hinoki Bath. Specially hand-crafted from Japanese hinoki wood (Japanese cypress), it is best known for its therapeutic ability to reduce stress and when hinoki wood come in contact with hot water, it release a unique type of skin-soothing oil that is widely used in Japanese skincare products. The spa waters are infused with scented onsen (hot spring) bath salts to recreate the ultimate onsen experience.

After you have enjoyed your luxurious spa treatment, you can sit down at their TV Relaxation Area and chill out in your yukata. While watching through the TV channels, Ikeda therapists can also work on you rhands and feets with their exclusive range of manicure and pedicure treatments with their exquisite Japanese nailart.

Last but not the least, while you are your way out, check out their retail boutique, showcasing a wide range of high quality skincare products including Chidoriya, and reputable organic beauty products that satisfy the exact standards of Geisha. Albion, one of the most famous brands in Japan, founded in 1956. Both brands are available exclusively at Ikeda Spa.

Ganbanyoku (Magma Stone Bed)

Ganbanyoku (magma stone bed) which are made from volcanic rocks. The bed is heated using hot water and with the high concentration of minerals held within, it revives the life of your body.
Ikeda spa also brought in a feature which can be found in traditional Japanese bathhouses, Hinoki Ofuru Bath. The Hinoki wood gives off a fragrances scent that could calm your soul.

  • Winner of “Best New Day Spa” by Time Out Singapore 2011
  • Finalist of “Best Day Spa” by Crystal Spa Awards 2011
  • Winner of “Favourite Day Spa” by Cozycot Women’s Choice Awards 2012
  • Winner of “Best Detox Massage” by Singapore’s Women Weekly Spa Awards 2012

Spa Information

Ikeda Spa
787 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269762 Tel: +65 6469 8080 Opening Hours: Mon to Wed 11.30am to 10pm, Thu to Sun – 11am to 10.30pm
Bus Services: 66, 74, 151, 154, 157, 170, 174, 563
Car Parking: Ample parking lot available right outside of the spa.

Updated on 3rd October 2014