Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu

In Tokyo, this is arguably one of the best and most convenient hotel to be staying in. It is also affordable and smack right in the center of Shibuya. A string of food eateries and shopping malls line up on the first level of the hotel which is right on top of a shopping mall.

Granted, their rooms are not the biggest, but one cannot compete with the location.

They also have free internet access and if you don’t have a laptop, you are able to rent one from them. At the lobby of the hotel is a bus port that has express buses going to the airport for 2000YEN. It is extremely convenient, given that you do not have to lug your luggage up and down the stairs through the busy and congested train stations.

Service is good as well, they have english speaking staff that will go to great lengths to help you. They will even help you organize the bus trip to the airport and more.

It is certainly a great hotel to stay in if you will be taking a trip to Tokyo.

Bad Hotel Service

It is so hard to get a hotel reservation in Japan currently as there are having sanrenkyuu 三連休. After some searching, I finally booked a hotel, but I am quite surprised and at the same time disappointed with the hotel’s services.

I was living in InterContinental Yokohama The Grand and though my stay was only a day, but I have encountered a few problems with their services.

#1 After checking in my room, there wasn’t really anyone that lead me to the room or help me with my luggage. The bellboy who has lead me to the counter is no where to be seen.

#2 Their wireless internet services. The connections breaks off after a few minutes of connection and I thought I have used the wrong internet settings and and asked for a hotel staff for assistance. The room service said that someone will be coming over to help me with the problem, but after waiting for nearly 15-20 minutes, no one came. I phoned them again and it seems that they did not really send someone over…

Finally, one staff came over and mingled with the settings, for almost 45 minutes and in the end, he told me very sorry but he could not solve the problem and if I were to used the Internet, I would need to go to their business center. Great … after spending 1 hour of waiting…

#3 I left my luggage with the service counter as I thought I might be leaving the hotel premises for a while before coming back for it. After thinking for a while, I decided to check in at the other hotel, which I already had reservations. I present the receipt to the bellboy, he says that my luggage will arrive soon. I left my luggage on the lobby and I was just one floor away, but they took me 15 minutes ?

I felt that their room rates does not justify to the services they are providing. There are many other hotels nearby providing better services and cheaper prices, perhaps I made an wrong choice this time round.