One of the Best Leisure in Osaka – Singing Karaoke !

Karaoke in Japan is a huge phenomenon that is extremely popular among everyone in any age group. It can be a past time for retirees, a hobby for students or just for working adults that need to take the stress off. There is no way you can walk down a street in the city without seeing numerous karaoke stores or staff on the streets handing out flyers, advertisements or holding a signboard yelling out the latest promotions.

The karaoke room you get varies from the number of people you have in your party. It also depends on the peak hours and whether the karaoke house is full up or not. You are also allowed to smoke in the rooms, so don’t be surprised if you smell smoke while walking through the corridors.

Songs are very up to date and they have a huge selection of English, Chinese and Korean songs too. Also, if you get hungry or you need a drink, be it alcohol or not, karaoke rooms also have menus that are quite affordable for food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Usually if you have a package, non-alcoholic drinks are free.