South Korea’s ‘ Actress’ found dead

Choi Jin-sil, also know as South Korea’s Nation Actress was found committed suicide, hanging herself in the bathroom of her Seoul home. It was speculated that she was facing depression since 2004 after her divorce with Japanese’s Yomiuri Giants baseball star Cho Sung-min.

There are also rumors that she had lent money to actor and longtime friend Ahn Jae-hwan, who was also found dead in his car in early September this year and that Ahn killed himself after Choi pressured him to repay the debt.

This was not the only committed suicide I have heard on South Korea’s entertainment world. It seems that most of them are unable to overcome their stress barrier and leading to their suicides. Understanding that most of us are just audience which has been watching these people as like an entertainment, including gossips of their lifes. Give them a break ! Some of them are just stress enough to balance their family and work, why do some of those still wanted to exert more pressure on them ?

Choi Jil-sil’s commit suicide news details on CNN