Late Night Massage at Han Dynasty ROCCA Balestier

Han Dynasty at ROCCA Balestier

I managed to finish early with my appointment and decided to give myself a good massage after a week of battle at work. Our usual spot was Green Apple but decided to have a switch at Tang Dynasty but along the way on Balestier Road, a banner caught my girl friend attention which reads 24 hour massage and we decided to give it a try.

The massage spa is located on the 4th floor, which was previously Xian Zu Ge. The oriental-styled interior was similar to Tang Dynasty and our hunch was confirmed after we asked the receptionist. Knowing that this was a weekend and we are hoping that this massage parlor would not have much customers, but we are all wrong. It is around 10pm and they are fully booked while the next available timing was 1am which we have opted for it.

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As mentioned early on, the interior design seems to be following the style of Tang Dynasty and I really liked the ambience of this place, perhaps it is located more away from the crowd and it is on a high floor. The quietness and serenity of the environment itself is already a plus to the parlor.

The waiting area which was just beside the foot reflexology stations. 

I managed to rope in my sis for the massage as well and we both opted for body massage while my girl friend has preferred foot reflexology. I believed they should have a couple of foot reflexology rooms but the one assigned to my girl friend was just right behind the reception counter. Although it is not a large common with big screen like Green Apple does, but certainly it provides the cosiness and compensated through the skilful masseur.

As for the body massage, both masseurs for my sis and I were fantastic. Through the way which they are doing the bodyworks, you can feel that these are experienced hand working on you instead of those newly trained staff that are following the process. Both of us asked for the masseurs’ name for future booking again.

The only uncomfortable part was the receptionist shown a bit of arrogance when she thought we would not be interested in the massage after she told us their spa is fully booked. That pissed us off a bit, but well….

After massage at Han Dynasty, three of us has agreed that it has became the No. 1 in the Top 5 late night massage list.

Spa Information

Han Dynasty
ROCCA Balestier 221 Balestier Road, Level 4 Tel: + 65 6254 6466Opening Hours: Sun to Thu – 10am to 3am, Fri to Sat – 10am to 6am www.handynastyspa.comCarpark is located at the basement of the building. Usually empty during wee hours.

Oriental Therapeutic Foot Spa at Qian Zu Ge

This spa has been closed down and taken over by Han Dynasty Massage and Spa.

Updated on 10th Jan 2014

Running crazily throughout the whole day of work and thinking of giving your feet a good massage in the night ? Qian Zu Ge Wellness Sanctuary might be your answer. Sprawling over a space of 5,000 square feet, Qian Zu Ge provides the customers services with tint of oriental touch.

Using therapies inspired by Chinese and Thai traditions, you are able to enjoy the luxury spa by trained therapists. Operating till 3am daily, it would be a great places for those whom have to work till late nights everyday. Give yourself a unforgettable oriental experience and of course, good massage for your feet.

  • Separate female & male changing area.
  • Shower rooms
  • Steam rooms
  • Personal Lockers with full amenities
  • Foot massage lounge
  • VIP suites with custom-designed sofas

221 Balestier Road, ROCCA Balestier #04-01
Singapore 329928
Tel: 6251 0055
Fax: 6256 0050
Operating Hours: 10.30am to 3am daily (Including weekends and public holidays)
Public Buses: 124, 125, 130, 139 & 145.
Carpark: available at B1 & B2

    Payment Mode: Cash (Singapore Dollars only), NETS, Visa, Mastercard, American Express

    Member of Spa Association Singapore, 2010 Successful Entrepreneur

    Tuina Oil Massage at Green Apple Spa (Jurong East)

    I was having a great headache today and thought of going for a massage in Jurong area. The day before I was actually wanted to visit V Wellness Spa but instead I accompanied my friend for supper. Today, we was finding the other branch of V Wellness Spa called New Wellness Spa. we was looking around the neighborhood for the spa and was stumbled upon a big poster that write “Green Apple Spa”. I was astonished as I was a regular at North Bridge Road’s Green Apple Spa, but they are totally  unrelated. Of course we thought it was an imitation to attract customers but after the massage we have thought otherwise.

    They specialized in Tuina massage and the spa was manned by Chinese nationals which we thought the service might not be that good. The spa was clean and the envoirnment was quiet. We went for a 90 minutes body massage and the results were good.
    The masseurs was very good with their finger works, working deep into the aching areas of the body, especially for my masseur, Ms. Alice. It can be felt that her hands are experienced and managed to pin point correctly all my aching area. Of course, this has been one of the most painful massage I had but at the same time pain reliving. 

    During the course of massage, there was cheeky guy that came in to ask for massage and query if he could choose the masseur which immediately we knew he was looking for something different. Why do people still think that late night massage is always something special ? That a stupid thinking. Look at the poster outside !

    Well coming back for the spa, we have paid $75 for a 90 minutes body massage which we considered it to be expensive given that town area are charging the same price, but it is definitely offset through the skills of the masseurs. Moreover, they are CaseTrust accredited with good business practice. I am sure that I will be back for the massage again.

    The only downside is they only have 5 rooms and could be occupy easily even in the midnight so it is better to make a reservation before going down. 

    Blk 343, Jurong East Street 31, #01-61
    Singapore 600343
    Opening Hours: 10am to 5am daily
    There are ample parking lot available at the carpark right behind the spa during the night so no worries with it. 

    6 places to find late night massage in Singapore

    Hi readers, please kindly note that we will no longer be updating this post as we have shifted the late night massage to 

    Herbal Footcare Health & Beauty Centre
    Address: 150 Orchard Road, #01-36/39-44 Orchard Plaza, S238841
    Tel: +65 6735 3973
    Opening Hour: 10am to 6am daily

    Imperial Apple Spa 
    Address: 171 Tras Street, Union Building (behind Amara Hotel),S079025
    Tel: +65 6225 1555
    Opening Hours: Mon to Sun – 10am to 4am daily

    Green Apple Foot Spa
    Address: 765 North Bridge Road, S198733
    Tel: +65 6299 1555
    Opening Hours: Mon to Sun – 11am to 4am daily

    Tang Dynasty Massage & Spa
    Address: 786A North Bridge Road, S198754
    Tel: +65 6686 6466
    Opening Hours: 24 hours

    Qian Zu Ge
    Address: 221 Balestier Road, ROCCA Balestier #04-01, S329928
    Tel: +65 6251 0055
    Opening Hours: 10.30am to 3am daily

    Healing Thai Massage
    Address: 39 Jalan Besar, S208802
    Tel: +65 6294 0139
    Opening Hours: 11am to 3am daily

    Updated on 18/09/2014

    Arunrat Traditional Thai Massage

    Arunrat Traditional Thai Massage is located at Orchard Road and provides traditional thai massage in its clean environment and reasonable prices. They provide services such as aromatherapy, ear candling, foot reflexology, full body massage, head and shoulder massage, thai massage and upper body massage.

    Arunrat Traditional Thai Massage
    100 Orchard Road, #02-41, Concorde Hotel Singapore
    Singapore 238840
    Tel: +65 6836 7750
    Opening Hours: Mon to Sun – 11am to 1.30am

    Late night massage at Imperial Apple Spa

    Imperial Apple Spa at tras street

    As usual, I ended my work late till 2 am in the morning and there was a sudden urge to release the stress was so strong that I decided to go for an massage. This time round, I decided for a new change and went to Imperial Apple Spa.

    Housed in the Union Building, and was designed into two floors. There is a total of 6 VIP foot reflexology rooms which friends and family can enjoy their foot massage whilst watching movies and chatting in privacy. The 2nd floor housed 9 individual rooms, including couple rooms for personal space and privacy.

    I was greeted promptly by the male receptionist and he checked his schedule which he managed to find a masseur for an one hour body oil massage. The masseur was call upon and came out from the resting area, which was right behind the counter. I was ushered to the second floor to my room.

    The room I assigned to a raised bed covered with towels and also a shower room in case I can use to wash off the oil after the massage. The room was dimly lit and makes me sleepy almost immediately. While the background was playing music softly, which I supposed they have broadcast it in the entire spa.

    Entrance of imperial Apple
    The entrance of Imperial Apple

    I was handed over a disposable underwear to change and have to take off all of my clothing. I rested onto the bed and the China masseur knocked softly at the door to check if I was ready for the massage. She came in with towel which are used to cover my body and check if the air-con temperature was good for me.

    The massage started … She wasn’t using much strength as I was expecting and there was some parts of the body which I think she neglected totally. As I have been used to oil massage, I reckon that the amount of oil on my body was too much and it actually felt watery instead. However, as I relax my body, the tiredness set in and I felt asleep not long after. Woke up in a daze, she prompted if I needed a massage which I didn’t, pay the bill and went home immediately.

    Though after the massage, I could still feel areas of my body not relaxed and stickiness caused by the use of excessive body oil. Not really a good massage experience after all.

    Berishiok Ratings
    Ambiance: 3/5
    Service: 3/5
    Hygience: 3.5/5
    Skill: 3/5
    Price: $55 for 60 mins body massage

    Spa Information

    Imperial Apple Spa
    Union Building
    171 Tras Street (Behind Amara Hotel), Singapore 079025
    Reservation: +65 6225 1555
    Monday to Sunday: 10.00am to 6.00am daily
    Parking: If you are not afraid being summon by the police, you can just park along the road side outside of the spa considering if you are visiting in late hours.

    Late Night Massage at Imperial Apple Spa at Tras Street

    It was a lazy Sunday and my sister decided to organise a “massage” outing at Green Apple Spa. It has been quite a while since the last time I have gone for a much-needed massage. Despite the pestering aches all over my body, I was really tied down to my work and it was the reason to which why I did not update this blog as frequently as well.

    After a good massage,  I was looking over the counter and caught a glimpse of the name card placed on the counter. They have actually opened another branch at Tras Street called Imperial Apple Spa. Unlike the current spa, the one over at Tras Street is based on an oriental theme and spanned over a larger area. Below are some information which I have briefly gathered.

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    By the way, I also heard from the staff that Green Apple Spa that they are planning to undergo renovations at the end of this year to better serve the customers and also expand their current facilities. Meanwhile, I might use this chance to pay a visit to Imperial Apple Spa.

    Facilities: 9 individual, couple rooms for body massage, 6 VIP foot reflexology rooms

    Imperial Green Apple Spa
    171 Tras Street, Union Building (Behind Amara Hotel), Singapore 079025
    Tel: +65 6225 1555
    Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday – 10am to 4am daily

    Green Apple Foot Spa at North Bridge Road (with Berishiok review)

    Signboard of Green Apple Foot Spa

    The spa caught my attention one day while I was driving pass North Bridge Road. Located at a corner of the street, it can catch the attention of anyone with its bright signboard. I was ending work early one day and I thought it might be a good chance that I would like to visit this spa together with my friend.

    I was lucky when I called up for reservations and there were 2 slots available, just nice for me and my friend. We was running late for the appointment at eight as we had some hard time looking for a parking lot nearby, especially during dinner time.

    Upon entering the spa’s door, we are immediately greeted by a young chap who’s the owner of this spa, he was the same guy who picked up my call when I was making reservation. He explained in details that currently the spa is having promotional rates for foot reflex and body massage and we went ahead with both.

    We first started off with the foot reflex which was just behind the reception counter. It was a 12-seater movie hall with chairs aligned in 3 rows. The sofa chairs are huge and they are comfortable as well. The friendly male masseurs came in and gave us a foot bath before starting our 60 minutes foot reflex. We having been chatting during the foot reflex and before I could remember anything, I fell asleep.

    The male masseur tapped gently on my shoulders and I was informed that my 60 minutes foot reflex session has ended and we should proceed with our body massage.
    We were ushered to third storey, where we had a couple room. We were allocated 2 masseurs, both local Chinese. Both of us opted for the oil massage and we began our massage. The female masseurs skills are up to mark and I have again slept soundly throughout the 60 minutes of oil body massage.

    We wore our clothes and made our way back to the ground floor where the masseurs served us hot water before we left the spa for our dinner. I should have stayed longer to enjoy the facilities but my grumpy stomach did not allow me to stay any longer. I do admit that I can be quite blur at times, but I realized that the spa actually provides complimentary food and refreshments for their customers, an information I found out only after I visited their website when i reached home. LOL.


    • 12-seater Movie Hall
    • 2 VIP Foot Massage Rooms with Full Entertainment
    • 8 Private Massage Rooms
    • 2 VIP Massage Rooms
    • Cafe with Food and Refreshments
    • Full bodied Open Aired Smoking Area
    • Free Computer and Internet Usage
    • Fastest Internet WIFI Access

    Though the spa was opened in a renovated shophouse, they managed to create serenity and calmness in the environment. Moreover, the lighting and music are appropriately used in the room as well. Ambience: 7 /10 

    During the course of my foot reflexology and body massage, they have provided clean towels and the toilets and laundry are being kept nicely in place. Hygiene: 8 / 10

    The male and female masseurs was friendly during our foot reflex and they are opening chatting away with us. Most importantly, they would ask for feedback on the strength and if any particular areas are painful or aching. Service: 9 /10 

    I enjoyed a promotional rates as they are newly opened, I paid $29 for a 60 minutes foot reflexology and $50 for a 60 minutes full body massage which I thought it was really inexpensive. Value: 9.5 / 10

    Overall Ratings: 8.3 / 10

    Green Apple Foot Spa (North Bridge Road)
    765 North Bridge Road
    Singapore 198733
    Tel: +65 6299 1555
    Opening Hours: Mon to Sun – 11am to 4am (Including Public Holidays)

    Tang Dynasty Massage & Spa at North Bridge Road

    Tang Dynasty Massage & Spa
    Source: Tang Dynasty Massage & Spa

    Indulge yourself in a luxurious Oriental boutique spa located at affordable prices. Opened in late 2011, the 24 hours spa is definitely a place which you can visit either in the noon or late night after some hard work. Built in a beautiful, serene environment, the 3000 sqf will be a great place for massage lovers.

    Oriental massage treatments are carried out by certified therapists and there are also foot reflexology specialist that pamper your feet while you are sitting relaxed in their relaxation lounge. It is definitely a place for head to toe rejuvenation.

    – 8 Treatment Rooms with Private Shower Cubicles
    – Relaxation Lounge
    – Free WIFI & Entertainment System

    786A North Bridge Road,
    Singapore 198754

    Contact Information:
    Tel: +65 6686 6466

    Operating Hours:
    24 hours daily

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    Fuji Foot Reflexology

    Fuji foot reflexology is a reflexology centre headed by a husband and wife with a team of 12 therapists that are well trained to cater the differents needs of the customer. Open till 2am on Friday & Saturday, it would be a good resting place for your feet after a enjoying nightlife.

    Address & Opening Hours:

    Orchard Towers, 400 Orchard Road, #01-16/26, S238875
    Tel: 6235 7990 | Mobile: 8180 3883
    Opening Hours: Fri & Sat – 10am to 2am, Sun to Thu – 10am to 11.30pm
    Nearest MRT: Orchard MRT