Why you should go to Ming Chung Restaurant for White Lor Mee

customers are pouring in during dinner time

Henghua Lor Mee is a traditional snack that originated from Putian, Fujian, China. Unlike Lor Mee that we usually have in hawkers that are served in thick starchy gravy and think flat yellow noodles, Henghua Lor Mee is served with a white soup broil and rich ingredients of seafood.

Being a migrant from Putian in Fujian province, China, the late founder Ho Ah Tong, has established Ming Chung Restuarant in 1933. During that time, the restaurant was opened on Weld Road, opposite of present “Thieves Market” in Sungei Road area. Catering to the Henghua immigrants’ cravings for home-style food, the restaurant has become a meeting place for local Henghua and Hokkien communities, including rickshaw riders and laborers.

The restaurant was named “Ming Chung (民众)”, means “people” in Chinese, reflecting that the root of the restaurant is to benefits the people and providing affordable Henghua food for its communities, even up till today.

modern but simple looking interior of Ming Chung Restaurant
The old shophouse was revamped to have a modern but simple look.

I really liked the style that they handled the old shophouse. They managed to transform a classic shophouse with modern look yet retaining much of the shop’s history (The wall on the right will tell you most of it).

As simple as the shophouse look, so does their menu. It has just a short list of traditional dishes for selection and I believe those are more than sufficient to keep old customers from coming back.

There is order chit which you can place an order or while waiting in the queue. Simples dishes

The infamous white lor mee
The infamous White Lor Mee (卤面)

The main reason why we are here – for the traditional White Lor Mee. Apart from Putien Restaurant, Ming Chung is the only restaurant we knew that served this traditional dish. Nothing fanciful with the ingredients, but good enough to compliment the taste of the Lor Mee.

Stir-Fried Flower Clams (La La) 炒花蛤(啦啦)

Clams (aka La La) is one of my favorite seafood. These tiny stir fried clams have the right savory and spiciness taste in every single one of them. It is just so yummy.

Pork Ribs with Bitter Gourd (苦瓜排骨)

Some loved it, but some would not even consider ordering it because of bitter gourd (Karela). Bitter gourd is rated as one of the greatest enemies to a majority of the youngsters in the “veggies colony”. In fact, bitter gourd is actually a fruit which is an excellent source of dietary fiber. It contains twice the calcium of spinach, beta-carotene of broccoli, and potassium of a banana. It really has good health benefits and I can give you 24 reasons for eating bitter gourd.

I am totally in for bitter gourd as it simply enhances a dish by creating another layer of taste. Pork ribs with bitter gourd are no exception. The ribs are stewed before fried with thin slices of bitter gourd with a black bean gravy. Don’t waste the gravy after finishing the dish. Mix it with the white lor mee and it will taste heavenly good.

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Tips For Eating At Ming Chung Restaurant

1. Go for early dinner to avoid huge crowd. Diners will be pouring in near to 6.30 pm to 7 pm. If you do not prefer to wait in a queue, early dinner will be a choice. You can go for a dessert after that.
2. There are many parking slots available on the roadside, but if you didn’t manage to get one, try out at the Jalan Besar Plaza directly opposite of the restaurant.

3. Make a reservation if you have a big group, they might not have enough seats to accommodate all of you which you will ended up queuing.

Restaurant Information

Ming Chung Restaurant
67 Maude Road, Singapore 208348
Tel: 6296 3428
Opens from 3pm to 11.30pm from Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Monday.

Chia Bee Lor Mee for Midnight Supper !

Chia Bee Lor Mee
Chia Bee Lor Mee – Noodles and gravy are being packed separately.

Before my sister landed in Singapore from her trip in Bali, her SMS had already came in the afternoon,  asking if I would be interested in having Lor Mee as supper. Knowing my sister for so long, I believed it was not her idea’s at all but it was her boyfriend’s idea ! For me, eating is just life and there is no way I would reject any offer like this, especially for supper.

Our initial plan was to go down to North Bridge Road straight and dine at the coffeeshop, but after overwhelming response at home that everyone wants to have supper, we opted to takeaway and have it at home instead.

While I was driving near to the coffeeshop, I could already see many cars parking along the streets and once I turned into the carpark, you can immediately see an substantial amount of customer sitting inside the coffeeshop just having Lor Mee. Just could not wait to taste it.

Since it was my sister that went down to order for the food, I am not sure the separate packing of the noodle and gravy is normal or upon special request. Even so, I think there will also be lot of people that are requesting for the same takeaway manner since soaking the noodles in the gravy just kind of self-destructing the dish.

Chia Bee Lor Mee
Pieces of golden brown fried fish lined on top of the noodles. 

Once you open the lid, you will uncover a bowl of noodles covered with pieces of golden brown fried fish. Looks alone seems to be appealing but what about the taste ?

Chia Bee Lor Mee
All mixed up and ready to eat !

I had deliberately poured the noodle and gravy into a bowl instead of using the takeaway container so that I can “flip” the ingredients over for the photo. Some of the ingredients you can see here are the fish of course, half-boiled egg, strips of braised pork belly and bean sprouts. What we did not include in was the chilli, garlic and vinegar. As each of us have a different tastebud, we additional requested earlier over the counter that the seasonings to be packed separately so that each and everyone of us could put the amount that is adequate to each taste.

One of the discovery was that chilli, which really helps to bring the flavours into the Lor Mee, that includes saltness into the dish. The flat yellow noodles was much of a delight while the fried fish compliments the Lor Mee just right. It is a definite fulfilling supper.


It was a great pleasure having the Lor Mee not only you can experience a good variety of texture, e.g. soft, crispy, crackling bites on the fried fish slices, you can also enjoyed the generous servings of the ingredients. Meanwhile, the thick gravy does makes the Lor Mee much more appealing as well. Those that are looking for extra kick, you may want to put in more vinegar !

Chia Bee Lor Mee
10 North Bridge Road
Singapore 190010

Opening Hours:
Monday – 12.00pm to 8.00pm
Tuesday to Sunday – 12.00pm to 10.30am