Are You Ready For a Maggot Therapy in Singapore ? More Patients in Singapore Turning to Maggots as a Medical Treatment.

Source: Straight. Picture for illustration purposes only

Origin Scientia, the only maggot producing company in Asia, is increasing its production to meet the demand of more patients in Singapore turning to maggots as a form of medical treatment.
Maggot therapy has seen and three- to four-fold increase in the past four years in Singapore and orders has been received from hospitals in Hong Kong as well. Origin Scientia mentioned that the increased demand is because of increased knowledge about the therapy and lack of similar medical products available in the markets to do the type of medical work that medical-grade maggots are able to accomplish.


The maggots speed up the removal of dead tissue, which aids in faster healing process. Maggots are removed from the wound after two days. Next, fish collagen is used to quicken tissue growth, especially in the treatment for burns and chronic wounds.

Director of Origin Scienta, Carl Baptista took consideration and looking at a variety of different ways to get good chronic wound care to people in homes, both Singapore and regionally as one of the major problem faced by people with chronic wounds is the inability to move around well due to wounds on their feet. By having a mobile clinic or mobile wound care service, they can go to those that requires the services and reduce the amount of moving time for those affected to reduce the risk of worsening the wounds.

The company plans to open a laboratory in Jakarta next month as well as four locations next years, including China, India, Vietnam and Malaysia.

You can find out more information at Origin Scienta’s Website.

Source: CNA