Will There Be Chances to Go Marienplatz in Munich Again ?

A quiet street in the night near Munich city centre.
I was digging through my photo archive while I found some photos (though poorly using my iPhone 4) while I was at Munich for a tradeshow in 2013. It was early in the evening and we took a cab down the city centre to search for food – something oriental. We ended up in a Japanese restaurant owned by an authentic Japanese that cooks really decent Japanese food, but of course comes at an expensive price tag. Since it was still early after the dinner, we took a stroll along the main street.

Magnificent view of Marienplatz.

The weather was cold but the streets were still filled with people, many sitting outside the bars and pubs, enjoying their beer and chatting away happily. While at the same time, there was many road construction going on and we had to navigate through congested bends and cross roads. Unknowingly, we have landed ourselves at Marienplatz (or Mary’s Square), a central square in the city centre of Munich. Standing in front of the central square was the Neues Rathaus, an majestic historical building that will awed any passerby will the Munich Glockenspiel (above photo) that stood tall along the building horizon will slow down your footsteps to admire the beauty of its details.

We continued our walk along Neuhauser Street and it seems like it is coming to an end of the street, resembling leaving an ancient city through its gothic gate and fortified walls. It really kept in pondering, what was the actual look of this entire place in the past..

We have reached the end of the street and landed again in a large square. After searching through the internet, I get to know it was named Karlsplatz in 1797, after the unpopular Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria while many called it Stachus. It really looks like a splendid location to gather with some friends, sitting down and chatting the night away. I just could not imagine how lively this square will be during daytime.

Although I have been used to traveling around, Europe was not my cup of tea as I had to endure long hours of flight, the same experience I had when traveling to Las Vegas last year. Hope perhaps I could be back here for holidays to explore more about this foreign land.