Special Shirodhara Head Treatment at Bail’s Dewi Fortuna Spa (Day 1)

Today was the first day of our trip in Bali, my girl friend and I have planned to have at least one massage everyday for our next three days stay in Bali. That should be one of the main purpose of coming to Bali, isn;t it ? After we finished our exquisite balinese lunch at Warung d’Sawah and “checking-in” at my friend’s villa for a short rest, we excitedly asked the driver to bring us to a nearby spa for a good body massage. While the driver drove us around to look for a place to massage, most of the spa salons are fully booked until we reach this spa – Dewi Fortuna Spa. No doubt the first impression of the spa does not throw a “WOW” factor to us, what impressed us further was the wide variety of the spa packages in which they offer.

As we entered the reception area, we were greet politely by the masseurs while they ushered us to waiting area, serving us a cup of spicy ginger tea. One of the masseurs handed over the menu to show their incredible wide selection of spa packages available, we was really spoilt for different choices. Both my girl friend and I opted for a same package cost about U$ 65 per person (excluding tax). The spa package consists of an hour of traditional balinese body massage and Shirodhara head treatment.

After choosing the spa package, we are being showed to a scarcely decorated couple room that has a simple bathtub with amenities. After we wash up and changed to disposable under garments and robe, we lay down onto the bed while waiting the masseurs prepares for our traditional balinese body massage.

The masseurs worked on our bodies with their experienced hands, rubbing our back with adequate force. One of the most amazing was the masseurs’ synchronised massage pace. Though we were both facing down, you could actually hears both of them clapping (part of balinese massage style) almost at the same time throughout the entire session ! What a sensory experience to both the body and senses.

After an hours of holistic body massage, the masseurs walked out of the room and brought in the apparatus for our Shirodhara head treatment. Shirodhara is a Ayurvedic head massage technique that drips a slow stream of warm oil onto the forehead. As it is our experience with Shirodhara, we felt a peculiar feeling while the oil slowly flow into the scalp. The masseurs then slowly massage our scalp periodically to allow the stream of oil flow evenly through our heads. As the process continues, the combination sound of oil dripping onto the forehead and the basin that is placed on the floor beneath our head, it creates a tranquil melody that ultimately calmed my mind before I fell asleep completely.

The masseur woke me up with a gentle tap on my shoulder, to indicate that we have to go to a room at second storey to wash off the oil from our hair. They have tended to us with ultimate care while grooming our hair. We might have ended the spa slightly over two hours but the masseurs still tried their best to attend to us. Unknowingly, it is already almost seven thirty, time for a nice dinner at Bawang Merah beach front restaurant.

pampered by their holistic Balinese massage and rejuvenated with their Shirodhara head treatment at reasonable price. Dewi Fortuna Spa indeed has taken good care for our well-being during this two hours of sensory experience.

Dewi Fortuna Spa
Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 38
Nusa Dua, Denpasar, Bali
Tel: +62-361-771322
Opening Hours: 9am to 10pm daily

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