Rejuvenating Late Night Massage at Le Spa (Club Street)

It was Sunday afternoon and I just finished my haircut at Headline Hair Salon at China Square Central. My girlfriend and I strolled along Club Street to look for some light bites before dinner time. As we passed through Gemmill Lane, there was this spa tucked in between a line of prestigious restaurants, with a 24-hour sign hang at the pillar. Glancing through the full glass shopfront, you could see its distinctive oriental design and it seems to have a nice ambience as well. We walked immediately to try our luck if we could get a slot for massage, but unfortunately the spa was fully booked and have to wait for another two hours before the masseurs are free. While we have another appointment in the evening, we had to give up today’s massage.

Two weeks later, my “itch” for massage come back and we really wanted to try out Le Spa and my girlfriend managed to make an appointment for two body massage in the late evening.

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Reception area of Le Spa

Once you stepped into the reception area, be greet by a beautifully decorated oriental theme reception and received a warm welcome from the receptionist. While preparing the masseurs for our massage, she served us a cup of ginger tea while we sat down at the waiting area.

While I was working under the hot sun during the noon, I was sweating like a swine so I thought to take a good bath before my massage. Unfortunately, the couple treatment room does not come with its own restroom so I would need to freshen up myself at their common restroom at the end corner of the spa. The masseur handed me a towel and robe to me so I could wear it when I finished my shower. (you could not expect me to walk along the common walkway with a towel wrapped around my waist)

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Couple treatment room at Le Spa

The treatment room is very clean and in the centre sits two massage bed with common settings. The massage beds were covered with towels and a rolled up towel which was used as leg rest while we are lying face down. The masseurs politely knocked onto the door to check if we are prepared and we commence with our massage.

While the masseurs starts kneading our tired body, they would constantly check with us if their strength is adequate before proceeding the massage. The skilful masseurs worked effortless with their experienced hands and rejuvenating our bodies during the 60-minutes massage. While we dressed ourselves up in the room, the masseurs had already prepared a drink for at the waiting area before we leave the spa. Their good services have left us a good impression.

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2nd Visit to Le Spa

A week later, we decided to visit the spa again with two of my siblings. My girlfriend called up to make an appointment and surprisingly, she managed to identify her name which most spa don’t, and check if she is asking for the same masseur that had given her the massage during her previous treatment session. Again, the massage was satisfying and I decided to sign up a package with them, noting that it was the only first time that I have signed up for a spa package.

After rounds of experience at Le Spa, I thought they have really put in efforts into customer services and taken good care of all aspects of a customer visiting their spa for a massage. Most of the masseurs are experienced and certainly they also managed to maintain their good standards throughout our times of visit. I would highly recommended this spa for a good late night rejuvenating massage. By the way, I have also added them into my late night massage directory as well. Enjoy ~

Other Services They Provide

  • Le Urban Fusio (LUF) body masasge
  • Le Royal Balinese body massage
  • Le Classic Swedish Retreats body massage
  • Le Imperial Indulgence (Twin therapy) body massage
  • Le Taiwanese Foot Therapy
  • Le Anti Aging Essence
  • Le Luxury Spa Scrubs
  • Le Elemental Aroma
  • Le Signature Guasha Treatment
  • Le Foot Detox
  • Le Therapeutic Cupping
  • Le Rejuvenating Ear Candling

Le Spa – Oriental Massage
14 Gemmill Lane (Club Street)
Singapore 069253
Tel: + 65 6222 6803
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily (Closed between 6am to 10am for housekeeping)

Stiff Neck Relief Massage at Xing Mei Spa

Frontage of Xing Mei Spa
The spa is located along the neighbourhood in Jurong West

I was driving my colleague home when my Watsapp ringtone sounded – a message from my girlfriend. Her sister yearns for a foot massage and asked if I will be interested in joining them. As a matter of fact, both my girlfriend and I has been wishing for a massage since two weeks ago which I have been tied down by my busy work schedule. Without much hesitation, I agreed promptly and eagerly picked them up at their house.

Originally we thought of visiting Club Street’s Le Spa, but thought it is really unnecessary to travel from Jurong to city area just for a last minute massage. Through my girlfriend’s sister recommended, we headed for a 24-hour massage spa in Jurong West which was only five minutes drive away.

Xing Mei Spa is not really difficult to find as it is located beside a 24-hour clinic. The green signboard and orange neon spa’s name is eye-catching in the night while shops are closing one after another. A group of middle age women was sitting right in front of the spa, happily chatting and laughing away. Looking at their attire, they are most likely to be the masseurs for the spa.

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1st floor interior of Xing Mei Spa
Massage chairs lined along the first level of the spa.

Upon entering the spa, be enticed by the aromatic scent that floats in the air while the receptionist greeted us with a smile over the counter. Opposite the counter was four big-sized foot reflexology chairs which some customers were enjoying their massage under the dark purple lit atmosphere.

It is nine in the night and it seems there wasn’t much customers at this time and making a booking was as simple as snapping the fingers. (However, during my conversation with the masseur later on, they tends to be more busy with more customers coming in late night.)

My girlfriend’s sister opted for a foot reflexology while my girlfriend and I preferred having body massage. To my surprise, the receptionist has asked one of the masseurs to usher both of us to our treatment room on the second level which I never expect the spa to be of this scale. The masseur led us through a narrow walkway connecting to a staircase while she check our if we preferred to have a couple room. She led us through a series of treatment rooms (about 6-7 rooms) before reaching the end of the passageway and showing us into our room.

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The couple room was in simple design and looks much like a normal home except with two massage beds sitting right in the middle of the room with sides almost in contact with the walls, I wondered how could they possible give us a proper massage. Right in the other corner of the room, there was a another door to a bathroom which we could use privately. They provided us with disposable shorts instead of underwear which is much easier to put on. The masseurs prompted us twice if we were ready during our course of changing and I am puzzled because we just entered the room not long ago.

Much to our comfort, we laid down onto the spacious massage bed, resembling those of Chun Tin Road’s Le Spa. As usual, I always requested for a masseur with stronger strength and the other masseur recommended this Malaysian Chinese masseur to me.

Without further delay, she gently rub and knead randomly along my neck, as if she was in searching for something and later commented on my old injury – stiff neck.

Using a combination of acupressure and constant stroking, she applied adequate pressure against my common aching points and meridians accurately using her thumbs and elbow, while moving inch by inch onto the shoulder blade. The masseur was so detailed that she moves my arm around to work on meridians along my shoulder blade.

Without much focus on my back, she moves onto my extended, hamstring and quads which was tremendously “sensational”.  She had massage along a hardened meridian which she explained which was caused by frequent crossing of legs. While the 60 minutes are coming to an end, she massaged my head and there was sharp pain on the top of the skull. As explained, there was “wind” and one of the common cause was washing hair in the night without drying it properly. Bingo !

The massage session ended soon and I just felt so lighten over the shoulders and back. Amazing.

Some lessons which she has taught me today

  • Refrain from staying up late and looking at computer – cause of stiff neck
  • Refrain from crossing legs while sitting down – cause for pain and tightened meridians along hamstring and quads.
  • Refrain from washing hair in the night without drying it properly – cause of “wind’ in head which will leads to headaches.
The spa has been operated for more than two years and despite just being a heartland spa, they have maintained very good cleanliness. My girlfriend has also commented her masseur was skilful, so was mine. The prices are reasonable (body massage at $50, foot reflexology at $35), you are paying for a good deal for experienced masseurs. By the way, for those looking to relieve your ache, you can try out my masseur, Bobo.

Other Services They Are Providing

  • Cupping
  • Scraping (Guasha)
  • Acupressure
  • Ear Candling
  • Epilation

Spa Info

Xing Mei Spa
#01-56, Blk 492 Jurong West Street 41
Singapore 640492
Tel: +65 6567 5055
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

This article was updated on 2 Dec 2015.

Oriental Chopsticks Massage at Huang Ah Ma Oriental Spa Chamber

Few days ago, I received an email from Jasmine Tay, their Corporate Accounts Relations Manger that they are currently having a promotion for their foot massage and special chopsticks massage which took me more than two weeks to confirm due to my heavy schedule at work. Finally, I managed to squeeze out my time to enjoy the wonderful experience.

The oriental spa is tucked away at the corner of Porcelain Hotel which is pretty easy to locate if you are traveling along Mosque Street as the brilliancy of the coloured wallpaper will draw your quick attention at first glance. If you are driving, you can simply parked your car along the street car park lots at Mosque Street. However, do remember to put your coupons as this area is a “Hot Spot” for “Uncle Sam”(ie. summon).

The oriental spa’s entrance sits behind the sofa on the left side of the reception and unless you have very good observation, it is not easily noticeable if the doors are closed. As I make my way into the spa, i was being warmly welcomed by the receptionist.

We were ushered to a relaxing waiting area where they served us a cup of hot ginger tea while they make preparation for our foot reflexology. The masseurs then came in to show us the way into a foot reflexology room which we are sharing with another two guests whom are leaving soon. The room is well equipped with a television providing a wide range of TV programmes whilst we sit back, relax and pampered ourselves with an awesome foot reflexology by their skilful masseurs for a 60-minutes Royal Foot Massage ($48).

In case you are unaware, The Oriental Spa Chamber also named as Huang Ah Ma is a proud concept by Mary Chia Holdings Limited. Huang Ah Ma, is a traditional Manchurian expression for Royal Father. The customers get to receive royal treatments services as though you were a member from the royal family. This fantastic concept spa targets the audience of both men and women serving them with prestigious Oriental treatments. Customers are thus spoilt for choice of awesome treatments in the quiet and serenity of their oriental settings together with their well trained therapists.

Soon after our wonderful foot reflexology treatment, we were ushered politely to a couple room for their special 60-minutes chopstick massage ($68) (Note: this is their latest original treatment that’s being newly added to their house of menu!!). We felt so blessed and would like to hereby express our heartfelt appreciation to Huang Ah Ma for allowing us the special priviledge for the taste of their new treatment.

With the plain use of just a couple pair of chopsticks, we felt the collision of the chopsticks being gradually rubbed against the selected various parts of the body. Its felt similar like how you feel when you are receiving a Guasha treatment in TCM. We felt the blood flows through our body releasing a burst of positive energy leaving us feeling refreshed after the fantastic one hour of treatment. Masseurs were constantly applying their skills with extreme precision to ensure that we are not in any way feeling uncomfortable during the process. Nevertheless, don’t you worry, as they are more than willing to accommodate to customers’s needs if in case, we cant take the pressure at all. The overall experience left both my girlfriend and me an unforgettable one. We both simply enjoyed the treatments to the max.

Other Facilities at Huang Ah Ma

  • 21 Massage Beds
  • 8 Foot Reflexology Stations
  • 1 Couple Room
  • 1 VIP Room


We will definitely be back for more on the skilful treatments at Huang Ah Ma and i am already spreading the word around to people i know on their speciality chopsticks massage which is a “MUST TRY”. Blessed us, Huang Ah Ma has also now extended their operating hours to as late as 3am to cater to midnight owls out there. Sounds wonderful, isn’t it? Thank you Huang Ah Ma for coming up with such a thoughtful idea. I’ll definitely pay a re-visit to your premises for a relaxing and soothing massage treatment real soon again.

Spa Info

Huang Ah Ma Oriental Spa Chamber 50 Mosque Street
Singapore 059528
Tel: +65 6536 1661
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun – 11am to 3am

Late Night Massage at Han Dynasty ROCCA Balestier

Han Dynasty at ROCCA Balestier

I managed to finish early with my appointment and decided to give myself a good massage after a week of battle at work. Our usual spot was Green Apple but decided to have a switch at Tang Dynasty but along the way on Balestier Road, a banner caught my girl friend attention which reads 24 hour massage and we decided to give it a try.

The massage spa is located on the 4th floor, which was previously Xian Zu Ge. The oriental-styled interior was similar to Tang Dynasty and our hunch was confirmed after we asked the receptionist. Knowing that this was a weekend and we are hoping that this massage parlor would not have much customers, but we are all wrong. It is around 10pm and they are fully booked while the next available timing was 1am which we have opted for it.

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As mentioned early on, the interior design seems to be following the style of Tang Dynasty and I really liked the ambience of this place, perhaps it is located more away from the crowd and it is on a high floor. The quietness and serenity of the environment itself is already a plus to the parlor.

The waiting area which was just beside the foot reflexology stations. 

I managed to rope in my sis for the massage as well and we both opted for body massage while my girl friend has preferred foot reflexology. I believed they should have a couple of foot reflexology rooms but the one assigned to my girl friend was just right behind the reception counter. Although it is not a large common with big screen like Green Apple does, but certainly it provides the cosiness and compensated through the skilful masseur.

As for the body massage, both masseurs for my sis and I were fantastic. Through the way which they are doing the bodyworks, you can feel that these are experienced hand working on you instead of those newly trained staff that are following the process. Both of us asked for the masseurs’ name for future booking again.

The only uncomfortable part was the receptionist shown a bit of arrogance when she thought we would not be interested in the massage after she told us their spa is fully booked. That pissed us off a bit, but well….

After massage at Han Dynasty, three of us has agreed that it has became the No. 1 in the Top 5 late night massage list.

Spa Information

Han Dynasty
ROCCA Balestier 221 Balestier Road, Level 4 Tel: + 65 6254 6466Opening Hours: Sun to Thu – 10am to 3am, Fri to Sat – 10am to 6am www.handynastyspa.comCarpark is located at the basement of the building. Usually empty during wee hours.

Late Night Massage at NatureLand Spa & Massage Robertson Walk

NatureLand Spa & Massage

Though this was the second time I visited NatureLand (Naturally with my sisters and girl friend), I think they have put in great efforts to provide better massage environment for its customers. First, it started off with hygiene issues.

As most of the massage lovers would know, while you are resting face down on the raised massage bed, the head rest (the hole) is usually covered only with a towel which none of us know if it was being changed after a customer finish his massage session. NatureLand did an extra step to provide an additional disposable face rest cover for hygiene purpose which is a good for those with sensitive skin.

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The body massage would start with the back and previously when I am done with my back and shoulders, we will continued immediately with the front side of the body. However, this time round after I am done with the back and shoulder massage, the masseurs leaves the room and brought in two heating pads and placed it over my back while she continued to massage my lower body. There is no extra charges for this service.

Meanwhile, one of my sisters and girl friend went for the foot reflexology and they have also praised that the foot masseurs are superb and one of the best among the foot reflexology which we have visited.

Current Price List (Updated 30th Dec 2013)

Comparing their rates with other late night massage parlours, the rates NatureLand is charging customers is considered justifiable or even cheaper despite the fact that they are opened in a prime location like Robertson Walk.


NatureLand has become top in the list for late night massage and if they are able to sustain their standards, I believe it would be a great success for the spa as well. Meanwhile, remember to call up to fix an appointment before going down as they do have peak hours where they are fully booked.

Parking is available easily around that area so that should not be a problem for car owners.

Spa Info

Natureland Spa & Massage
11 Unity Street #01-08/09, Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995
Tel: 6733 6780
Opening Hours: Daily and last appointment at 3am.

Rejuvenating Late Night Massage by Native Thai Masseurs at Healing Thai Massage

It was too dark and with my iPhone camera, hence the bad shot.

This massage parlour employs native Thai-certified Massage Therapists who are suitably skilled in their massage techniques. It is an ideal place for those who work till late at night and looking for a good massage to relieve pains from sitting long hours in front of the computers as the parlour closes only at 3am. It would be wise to call for an appointment first before going down as they have a pretty heavy customer volume especially after midnight. Below are the rates for your reference.

After a long day at work, I decided to have dinner somewhere near Jalan Besar and it was when I stumbled at the brightly lit signboard of the spa parlour. The price for the services were rather reasonable. I tried the $38 for 45 mins Foot Reflexology and $65 for 60 mins Thai Oil Massage on this visit.
Looks welcoming

I started with the foot reflex first. Although the cars buzzing outside along the street caused some distraction, the alluring place more than  compensated for by its very therapeutic foot reflex service provided by a native Thai therapist. I was impressed by the fact that she instinctively knew which part of my body to apply pressure on, as some therapists  simply do not hit the right, sweet spot. She also asked if I wanted to increase the pressure, but I declined as I was cautious of a painful sole from my other foot massage experiences after the therapists applied too much pressure. I was almost dozing off when the therapist informed me that the 45 mins foot reflex was done. She wiped the oil off my feet with a cloth and applied some powder after that. Refreshing.

I moved to the oil massage thereafter.  There was a considerable  number of cubicles, perhaps 10-12 of them, out of which a few are for couples. The rooms were rather dimly lit, well-suited for a relaxing massage experience. Some of them have beds, while others have only mattresses on the floor. They also provided light clothing and disposable undergarments for the oil massage.

Quickly, I went into the stop to see if they are still open…
The minute the Thai therapist applied the first pressure onto my aching back, I knew immediately that my money was well-spent. Throughout the oil massage, she covered almost every point on my aching back as well as my tired legs. Though it was slightly painful, I still managed to fall asleep throughout the massage. I had my back and neck bone stretched as well. After almost 2 hours of massage, I felt a distinctively lighter body with lesser ache and walked out a happy man. The native Thai therapists waved to me with a big smile and welcomed me to return, which I definitely would.

Spa Information

Healing Thai Massage
39 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208802
Tel: +65 6294 0139
Opening Hours: 11am to 3am daily (Last appointment at 2am)
10 mins walk away from Little India MRT

Green Apple Foot Spa at North Bridge Road (with Berishiok review)

Signboard of Green Apple Foot Spa

The spa caught my attention one day while I was driving pass North Bridge Road. Located at a corner of the street, it can catch the attention of anyone with its bright signboard. I was ending work early one day and I thought it might be a good chance that I would like to visit this spa together with my friend.

I was lucky when I called up for reservations and there were 2 slots available, just nice for me and my friend. We was running late for the appointment at eight as we had some hard time looking for a parking lot nearby, especially during dinner time.

Upon entering the spa’s door, we are immediately greeted by a young chap who’s the owner of this spa, he was the same guy who picked up my call when I was making reservation. He explained in details that currently the spa is having promotional rates for foot reflex and body massage and we went ahead with both.

We first started off with the foot reflex which was just behind the reception counter. It was a 12-seater movie hall with chairs aligned in 3 rows. The sofa chairs are huge and they are comfortable as well. The friendly male masseurs came in and gave us a foot bath before starting our 60 minutes foot reflex. We having been chatting during the foot reflex and before I could remember anything, I fell asleep.

The male masseur tapped gently on my shoulders and I was informed that my 60 minutes foot reflex session has ended and we should proceed with our body massage.
We were ushered to third storey, where we had a couple room. We were allocated 2 masseurs, both local Chinese. Both of us opted for the oil massage and we began our massage. The female masseurs skills are up to mark and I have again slept soundly throughout the 60 minutes of oil body massage.

We wore our clothes and made our way back to the ground floor where the masseurs served us hot water before we left the spa for our dinner. I should have stayed longer to enjoy the facilities but my grumpy stomach did not allow me to stay any longer. I do admit that I can be quite blur at times, but I realized that the spa actually provides complimentary food and refreshments for their customers, an information I found out only after I visited their website when i reached home. LOL.


  • 12-seater Movie Hall
  • 2 VIP Foot Massage Rooms with Full Entertainment
  • 8 Private Massage Rooms
  • 2 VIP Massage Rooms
  • Cafe with Food and Refreshments
  • Full bodied Open Aired Smoking Area
  • Free Computer and Internet Usage
  • Fastest Internet WIFI Access

Though the spa was opened in a renovated shophouse, they managed to create serenity and calmness in the environment. Moreover, the lighting and music are appropriately used in the room as well. Ambience: 7 /10 

During the course of my foot reflexology and body massage, they have provided clean towels and the toilets and laundry are being kept nicely in place. Hygiene: 8 / 10

The male and female masseurs was friendly during our foot reflex and they are opening chatting away with us. Most importantly, they would ask for feedback on the strength and if any particular areas are painful or aching. Service: 9 /10 

I enjoyed a promotional rates as they are newly opened, I paid $29 for a 60 minutes foot reflexology and $50 for a 60 minutes full body massage which I thought it was really inexpensive. Value: 9.5 / 10

Overall Ratings: 8.3 / 10

Green Apple Foot Spa (North Bridge Road)
765 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198733
Tel: +65 6299 1555
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun – 11am to 4am (Including Public Holidays)

Healthland Thai Massage | Why so rush massaging ?

BeriShiok Critic’s
I was browsing through the Youtube and there was this video Traditional Thai Massage featuring Healthland Thai Massage. I loved to try out new massage and thought it is a good chance to relieve my tired body after a week of work. I made an appointment and the lady who picked up the phone was quite friendly in the phone.

The parlour was located in Chinatown and the annoying part is there are no parking space. I had to circled around that area for 15 mins before I can find. Walking along South Bridge Road, I could not really find the massage parlour at one point of time as there wasn’t any eminent signboard for the massage parlour. In my relieve, I found the entrance of the massage parlour round the corner along Temple Street and it is hardly noticeable.

Using an old shophouse in that precinct, you have to climb up a staircase where you can hear cranking sounds of the wooden planks each time you took a step, but I think that could be the noise to inform the staff that a customer is coming up Right into the shop, you will immediately see three foot reflexology chairs laid along the wall. In the center of the room there is a spiral stairs that led to another floor, which I initially though it was for premium services. Anyway, the parlour is dimly lit and serenity was there, except for buzzing sounds of cars passing by. Before the start of the Thai Massage, you would have to tell her how long you wanted your massage and to pay upfront. They accept cash, visa and mastercard. Unfortunately, after paying the cash, you would need to change your clothes and there is a changing room down the alley connecting with the toilet. The lady behind the cashier only pointed towards that direction and I had to self service. While I entered the room, there was another man changing his clothes after the massage and he was half done. I wonder what would happen if some ladies need to use the toilet.

Anyway, I managed to grab an oversized pants on the cupboard (had to fold it to secure it), but I could not find a top as I think they did not replenish the stock. You can see a huge basket of used clothing in the changing rooms. I had to ask the lady over the counter for assistance.

Sitting in the lobby waiting for my turn, I then discovered they have separated services for men and ladies, men’s room will be on the current floor while the ladies would have to climb up the spiral stairs. At least an effort made to keep out the privacy.

As my turn arrived, the therapist show me the way. The room consists of three mattress on the floor and it was poorly renovated / decorated. There were two customers in line and I had to cross over their legs in order to reach the last bed in the corner of the room. There wasn’t any curtains or blinds to separate you from other customers and you can see everyone across the room. As I was lying flat down waiting for my therapist, I could heard the conversation between the another therapist and customer and it continues even my session has started. It would be quite hard to relax as you can hear the conversation, car passing by the road outside and soft music with the speaker near to me.

To make things worse, though the therapist was applying adequate pressure on my body, but it seems that she is rushing for time and some areas of my body are massage as though like passing motions. She did not really catch the aching “points” and systematically massaging my foot to back. I did not really get a good head massage though. Fortunately, she managed to scored some points whilst doing stretching my body and I could feel the relief of my muscles. The session ended with me half satisfied.

Ambience: 3.0 / 5.0
Therapist Skills: 3.0 / 5.0
Facilities: 2.5 / 5.0 Barely have any good facilities.
Pricing: Spent $55 on the Thai Massage


  • 3 foot reflexology chairs in lobby area.
  • 2 rooms on the lobby deck, 1 room with 1 mattress, another with 3 mattress
  • dedicated second deck for ladies only room

252A South Bridge Road, Singapore 058801 (Temple St. Chinatown)

Contact Information
Tel: +65 6221 3376 / +65 9339 8629 /