Massage Wiki: Hot Stone Massage and its Benefits

Photo by Jamu Massage International

In the past, Native Americans used to heat up stones using fire to treat aching muscles and this was eventually turned into a massage in the modern days after Mary Nelson of Tuscon, Arizona trademarked her own style of hot stone massage, also know as LaStone Therapy which requires training and certification.

Hot Stone massage can be easily found in spas as one of their treatments and each of them has their versions of the massage evolving throughout the years.

How does these stones look like ?

Most of the spa uses smooth, heated stones which its main component are usually made up of basalt, a black volcanic rock but of course there are some other spas that uses rocks with unique properties that is beneficial to the body.

How hot stone massage works ?

The therapist will first heat up the stone and placed it over the critical parts of the body while he/she does massage works. The stones will then be removed and shifted to another location while he/she worked on the previous points which the hot stones were at. The heat released from the hot stone helps to relax the muscles while at the same time helps the therapist to work on a more deeply massage.

However, do not expect that different spa and therapist would produce the same kind of effect. everything boils down to the stones which they are using and the experience of the therapist. Without a proper training or experience, placing the hot stones wrong place at the wrong time will cause you discomfort throughout the treatment sessions.

Who is not suitable for hot stone massage ?

You might not be appropriate to have hot stone massage if you have the following:

It would be the best to consult a doctor or the receptionist before giving it a try.

Massage Wiki: Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a powerful holistic therapy for physical and emotional well-being and it is a very effective bodywork to treat all kinds of sexual dysfunction and trauma.

Origin of Tantric Massage
Tantric massage is based on Tantric and Taoist ideas of sexual bioenergetics. Both culture explore the energetic reality of the sexual aspect and integrated it into a holistic approach to wellbeing. Sexual energy was used as an engine for personal growth in the Tantric culture and as well an important part of traditional Chinese medicine in the taoist culture.
How does Tantra Massage works ?
Through a combination of loving touch by the therapist, it gently soothes the body and senses while at the same time stimulating the spiritual lift force know as sexual energy into awakening. The ritual encourages you to be in complete state of relaxation while receiving conscious touch and pleasure.
How does it feels like ?
It will make you feels as if you are in a trance where physical boundaries are dissolve, times disappears, worries and problems no longer seem important or are forgotten altogether. 
Beneficial in achieving emotional and spiritual awareness
Bringing together all aspects of a individual life, the massage stimulate one’s physical, emotion and mental state of mind of well being, in turn helping individual to have more awareness of the surroundings, people and most importantly, ourselves. It can make people to be more rounded and  happier as well.
The mis-interpreted message on Tantric Massage
While it is commonly known to people, the nature of the massage is through inmidate touching and massage methods, some of the people misunderstood that the therapist are providing sex services. 

Massage Wiki: Pre-natal massage benefits mother-to-be

In the days of a modern city, lifestyles have become fast-paced and stressful. This also leaves the same to the mother-to-be. Being in pregnancy marks a new journey for the expectant mother and going through a nine months transition before the childbirth, the expectant mother will be stressed both physically and emotionally.

It is important that a expectant mother and her husband know how to maintain her well-being during pregnancy to ensure that child is healthy whlist in the womb and a smooth delivery. Beside doing regular exercise, adequate rest and healthy diet, expectant mother can also try pre-natal massage to ease pain physically, which will in turn helps to reduce emotional stress as well.

Pre-natal massage are therapeutic bodywork which are tailored specifically to the needs of the expectant mother and the style of massage changes when she goes through different stages of pregnancy. It is beneficial to the health of the expectant mother itself and of course to the womb. Below are some of the benefits which pre-natal massage helps in.

Benefits of Pre-natal Massage

  • Relieve stress on ankles, neck, lower back and pelvis (weight-bearing joints)
  • Reduces swelling in hands and/or feet by increasing blood and lymph circulation
  • Give emotional support to expectant mother through nurturing touch
  • Improve delivery and reduces labor pain for muscles that are use during childbirth
  • Aids in relaxation
  • Beats insomnia
  • Reduce depression
  • Improves expectant mother’s sleep
  • Assistance in maintaining proper posture
  • Regulating of blood pressure
  • Eliminates lactic acid and enhance circulatory and lymphatic systems.

When should Pre-natal Massage be carried out ?

Pre-natal massage are recommended to start after the second trimester, however, it is often advised that proper medical consultation are to be sought prior to having massage. The massage are tailored specifically to expectant mother’s need as her body goes through changes.

Where can I perform pre-natal massage ? 

Singapore does have specialized spa for pre-natal massage and as well home services which they could called the masseurs to their home to perform the therapeutic bodywork.

How can I find an experienced masseurs ?

One of the ways to find an experienced masseurs is through word of mouth, normally via other mothers or you can actually search online for pre-natal massage where there are more than a dozen choices to choose from. As far as I know, Jamu pre-natal massage is pretty popular in Singapore and there are many good reviews on it, circulating in the forums and youtube as well.

Berishiok is looking for recommendations from all women who have been to pre-natal massages and we will be glad if you could share and tell us more about good spa and massage or individual experiences with pre-natal massage masseurs. You can send us an email at to share this piece of information.

Massage Wiki: What is Pilates ?

What is Pilates ?
Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates in Germany used as a kind of movement therapy that uses physical exercise to strengthen and build control of muscles, especially those used for posture. The therapies also integrates breathing and precise body movement to development of the muscles.

Benefits of Pilates Therapies
Building and development of Core Strength is the foundation of Pilate therapy. The core muscles are deep, internal muscles of the abdomen and back. By strengthening the core muscles, you are able to develop more stability throughout your entire torso, improving muscle control, flexibility, coordination, strength, tone, alignment and breathing. This is one of the ways Pilates helps people to overcome back pain.

Massage Wiki: Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage was known as “nuat phaen boran” in Thailand, literally means ancient-manner or traditional massage. Traditional Thai massage is a form of bodywork that involves stretching and deep massage. The massage therapists work along the 72,000 pathways called “sen”, pressing certain points along the lines to de-stress the body.

It is recommended that you change into loose, comfortable clothes or some of the massage parlors in Singapore also provide you with clean clothing to change into before the commencement of the massage. Most of the Thai massage are carried out on a mat or firm mattress on the floor so that the massage therapists can perform variety of yoga-like movement with ease.

Thai massage therapists may use their feet or leg to fixate the body of the recipient which includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body. It may also includes pulling of fingers, toes, ears, cracking of knuckles, back and head. Therapists may also walk on the recipient’s back as a mean of pressing as well. One of the most famous technique used is arching the recipient into bhujangasana (cobra position) as a mean of stretching the body.

Though Thai massage is recognized as one of Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM), there is no fixed techniques or procedures which facilitate the flow of Thai massage. If you are a frequent massage lover, you may find that different massage parlors and different therapists applied their learned techniques onto the recipients.

Thai Massage Tips

Thai massage generally uses more force than other massages like swedish or shiatsu massage. Some people may not get used to the force and might caused discomfort during the massage session. If this happens, you can request to the therapists to apply lesser pressure or terminate the massage to stop the discomfort.