Reaching Melbourne.. After Years Without Visiting Melbourne

After 7 hours of flight and torturing on queue in the Australian Customs, we finally got out of the airport and onto the streets ! First of all, take a breath at the fresh air and smoke my first stick cigarette after the long journey. It has been almost an decade last since I traveled to Australia while I can still recalled vivid images of Australia when I visited the last time with my entire family for holidays.

The purpose of this trip was to attend my sister’s graduation ceremony at Monash University and my mom tagged along to celebrate with her as well. I have started working for quite some time and it has also been a year or so from my last holidays so it is good time for me to rest and relax.

Though it may looked like a sunny day, but you can feel the coldness from the strong wind blowing from time to time. Unbearable for us who had lived in a tropical country, not even my sister whom has been in Australia for almost two years. Quickly, we flagged a cab to bring us back to our Somerset Hotel Apartment for some rest.


australia airport

australia airport