IKEA to Recall Two Pasta Products – Due to Undeclared Soy Content

Swedish furniture retailer on 1st October 2014, Wednesday announced its is recalling two pasta products – Pastaalgar Fullkorn and Pastaalgar – after detecting soy content that is not declared.

During the press release, IKEA said analyses of the pasta products indicated presence of soy, which is not declared on the packagin. Soy is an allergen and those who are allergic to it may experience an adverse reaction if consumed. However, IKEA added that it is safe for anyone who is not allergic or sensitive to soy.

“Safety is of highest priority for IKEA and as a precautionary measure, products with all date stamps are recalled,” the company stated.

All customers allergic to soy or otherwise concerned are welcome to return to the Swedish Food Market at their nearest IKEA store for full refund.

This is the second product recalled by the furniture retailers. In September 2014, IKEA issued a global recall of its Gunggung children’s swing, saying it poses a risk of serious injury.

Sourece by Channel News Asia