Give your dog a massage spa too !

Being a dog nowadays is also tiring and why not pamper your dog and give him a massage too ? There are actually a lot of services nowadays that focuses on pet wellness as well. From massage to grooming and training, there are actually many service provider to actually help you with it. Below are two of the shops which I am going to recommend today.

If you have a large backyard while both you and your dog (most of the time dog follows the habit of the owner) is too lazy to step out of the house during weekend, but you know that your dog badly needing grooming. You can ask help from Pet Mobile. they provide grooming services right at your home with reasonable prices. The rates are according to the genre of dog you are having and they have classified it into basic and full grooming. Find their contact number below:
Hotline: +65 6462 6071
SMS Support: +65 9099 8511 (Kindly enter in ‘name’ and ‘message’ format)
While there is another service that give pets their rightful massage. They have massage classified into different categories such as relaxation massage, massage therapy for senior/geriatric dogs, physiotherapy massage for dogs with respiratory / mobility problems. Relaxation & therapeutic combination massage, etc. They got all prices listed into their website, so you can have a rough idea how much they will be charging for the services.
One of the highlight massage which pawsitive sensations is providing is the Bach Flower Therapy. It uses flower essence to balance physical and emotional disturbances. The best of all, this treatment is not only available to pets, but applicable on humans as well. Imagine having a massage with your dog together ? Definitely a fun time to be.
Phone: +65 9768 1417
Business Hours: Tues to Sat – 10am to 6pm