Hidden Treasure In Taiwan’s Yam Ball & Fabulous Pineapple Tart

Yam Ball

My girlfriend’s sister was in Taiwan for a business trip and she came back with many of Taiwanese local snacks. One of the snacks which I tried was the Yam Ball.

Each individual yam ball is nicely packed with a beautiful packing. Understand from my girlfriend’s sister that because it is freshly made, it does not last long in the packing before it turns bad.
The entire Yam Ball was coated with a layer of golden brown roasted sesame seeds.

The Yam ball was created with layer of thin crust and the ingredients was an outer layer of yam, followed by another thin layer of salted egg yolk and right in the centre is a marshmallow. (Oops, I ate the marshmallow).

Pineapple Tart

Pineapple Tart is one of my all-time favourite snack since young. The pineapple tart is nicely packed in a golden box, just like those souvenirs we received during people’s wedding in the past. While you open it up, it is packed in a bright red wrapper. When you tear open the wrapper, the scent of the pineapple tart is released almost instantly. The entire pineapple tart was baked to golden brown while you can see that the crust is still soft. The crust and the pineapple fillings blended well together, neither too sweet nor sour (in some cases we often experience eating pineapple tarts with artificial sweetness or too sour-based pineapple).