“Thick Skin” Popiah at The Old Malaya Cafe Tampines Mall

It has been ages since I last visit Tampines Mall, but as usual, traffic is really that heavy and parking lots are still very difficult to find. It was 3 pm in the lazy afternoon and I was strolling aimlessly with my girl friend after our movie at the cinema. I felt a bit hungry and decide to go for a small bite to fulfil my temporary hunger. I was walking pass stalls and it caught my attention of the popiah stall right outside of The Old Malaya Cafe. It looks delicious as I saw few people sitting around the tables are eating it as well so I set foot into the cafe.

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The cafe was decorated in old Malaysian-style, no doubt that was being suggested by the cafe name itself. Maybe it was 3 pm in the afternoon, there wasn’t much crowd inside the cafe.

Given my “always-hungry” appetite, I thought one roll not be satisfy my hunger, but it was proven wrong. Not only that it filled my stomach, I was unable to finish all of it even with my girl friend’s help. , it proved to be absolutely fulfilling. However, if you take a closer look at the Popiah, the crepe used is considerable thick compare to traditional thin paper-like crepe. Additionally, the ingredients used in the Popiah indeed shine with brilliant colours, but it does not tasted delicious as it might have display. I would say largely because of the dry and hard crepe, it has disdained the taste of the Popiah altogether while since they took quite a while to prepare it, it is served ratherish cold. This leaves me in doubt why there was so many people waiting for the Popiah.


Nevertheless,  I will skip the Popiah next time if I were to re-visit the cafe and give a shot for other dishes on their menu. I did a search on Google while I discovered there were much dissenting consumers who thought that food was not the best of quality.

The Old Malaya Cafe
Tampines Mall #B1-10
4 Tampines Central 5
Singapore 529508
Tel: 6789 9008
Open Daily from 10 am to 10pm