Affordable French Cuisine Dinner at Immanuel French Kitchen (Salute Casual Dining Coffeeshop)

After two months of constant reminder (or nagging) from my girlfriend, we finally visited the Singapore’s most “atas” Coffeeshop. In fact, we visited Salute Casual Dining coffeeshop in the late afternoon, but most of the food stalls were closed for preparation.

We returned again the late evening, about 8pm and the coffeeshop was packed with diners. Unlike other traditional coffeeshop, stalls at Salute Casual Dining coffeeshop focus more of european cuisine, which gives you a fresh experience of what could have been made up from a neighbourhood coffeeshop.

About Chef Immanuel Tee

Before I start off with my reviews on the dish, allow me to first introduce the chef, Immanuel Tee. The young local chef graduated from SunRice GlobalChef Academy and took his position as Keystone’s head chef at young age of 25. The young culinary talent has an impressive resume where he took his stints in some of the most prestigious restaurant such as Guy Savoy (Singapore), 2 Michelin Starred Pastorale Restuarant (Belgium), Le Bistrot de Sommelier (Singapore), JAAN Par Andre (Singapore) and Restuarant Andre (Singapore).

Exorbitant rent hike has forced Keystone to closed its door and Immanuel, whom attempted to open a restuarant but could not materialise due to financial constraints found his dream after deciding to set up a stall in a coffeeshop.

Pan-fried Foie Gras in Miso Soup (Entree) (S$16.50)

The Foie Gras was pan fried to slight charred texture and topped with seaweed and Japanese seasonings companied with some radish immersed into a bowl of miso soup. The Foie Gras tasted really creamy but I thought the seasonings has overpowered the freshness of the Foie Gras itself. My girlfriend did not really like the dish and think it is too rich for her.

Pork Belly Braised in Kakuni Style (Main) (S$16.90)

For me, I ordered a main which was their signature Pork Belly in Kakuni Style. The braised pork belly is accompanied with an Onsen egg, a bed of light potato foam with croutons and Duxelle of mushroom with onion and bacon. Each of them has its own distinctive taste. The pork belly tasted like those we have eaten before in traditional chinese restaurant while the combination of the sides enhanced the taste of the Pork Belly, bringing its taste to another level. However, the only downside – the pork belly was slightly overcooked and hard to chew on.

Having the idea to serve french cuisine in a neighbourhood coffeeshop is already attractive enough to catch your attention. Furthermore, serving decent french cuisine at affordable prices proved to be another attention seeker. If you are impressed with local talent and like french cuisine, this will be the stall to visit.

French Immanuel Kitchen
Blk 119, Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-40
Singapore 151119
Mobile: 9297 3285
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday – 12pm to 2.30pm (Lunch), 6pm to 9.30pm (Dinner)