Enjoy Street Hawker Styled Satay at Lau Pa Sat Satay Club (Former Telok Ayer Market)

Once again, it has been a rushing day for me since I have schedule a massage session at Passage New York down Cecil Street and I suddenly had a craving for Satay and the nearest place for it will be the famous Satay Club at Lau Pa Sat. Formerly known as Telok Ayer Market, it has been a gourmet paradise since early 1970s and Satay Club has attracted many locals and foreigners to dine on the Boon Tat Street itself, with road being closed for the overwhelming diners in the night. An experience which you would not find anywhere else in Singapore !

While I was in the mist of choosing which satay stall to order from, a Malay local walked towards me and spoken in all languages you could not imagine. English, Malayu, Hokkien, Cantonese, Mandarin, you name it, he says it ! His “sales tactics” definitely work as I could not help but to order from him because of his humor.

The stall offer set meal for diners and despite knowing that I does have a huge appetite, I thought 30 sticks of satays and 10 sticks of grilled prawns would not be a problem for me. The set meal cost about $38, quite reasonable.

The satay was soft and chewy. the juiciness and sweetness of the satay can be tasted without dipping into the peanut sauce. However, the peanut sauce has diminished the taste of satay for it was much watery and oily compared to other peanut sauces I have tried from other stalls.

The prawn was the disappointment of the meal as though grilled, it does not taste any freshness at all. The shell sticks to the prawn and I had difficulties peeling it off from the prawn. The texture was mushy and the prawn entirely being marinated with black pepper, covered the taste of the prawn itself.

As usual, I started my “battle” to finish all the food, but after 20 sticks of satay and 8 sticks of prawn, I have waved the white flag. Not wanting to waste the food unnecessarily, I take-away the remaining food.


Definitely I will still visit Boon Tat Street again as it provide a unique ambience of the old time street hawker which has long disappeared in Singapore. A good spot for tourist to enjoy this special kind of dining experience. (By the way, it is closed for renovation at the moment and Satay Club has moved to Satay By The Bay)

Article created on 17 September 2014, updated on 16 July 2015.

Dinner at Satay by the Bay

After a disappointed High Tea at Vivocity’s Max Brenner, we decided to have our light dinner elsewhere. Given consideration that one of my friends is from Japan and we should have bring him to a unique place for dinner. Hence, Satay by the Bay. No thoughts of what food to eat, but if we are talking about local delicacies, then it should be Satay and Zi Char. I was starving since this was my first meal of the day.


For the appetitizers, we ordered the Otah (fish meat cake wrapped inside banana leaves). Normally, it should taste a little spicy and you can smell the aroma of banana leaves. However, the Otah which we ordered missed the mark totally. In fact, it was quite sweet and the texture of the meat wasn’t that firm. Though the banana leaf is barbecue till charred, a small portion of the meat was not cooked fully and tasted a bit weird.

Sri Geylang Stall’s Satay

We ordered the Satay from Sri Geylang Satay Stall and they took a little long before to deliver the satay to us, which I believed that they actually missed our order.

The satay came in hot and looks good.  Each stick has large chuck of meat cubes string onto it and the spicy peanut sauce looks unusually red. The meat is tender and the sauce was indeed much more spicy, but not with less peanut chunks inside the sauce.

Lastly, we ordered some “Zi Char” from Boon Tat BBQ Seafood. Pandan Chicken, Bean Sprouts and Fried Baby Squid. There is only one word I can described after eating these, disappointment. Seriously, we are serving these to the tourists coming all the way from another side of the world just to taste these food ? Ridiculous. Even the rice which they have served was cold and hard. Perhaps they thought that foreigners does not know how to appreciate rice at all.

This is the chicken. Given it appearance, it is not that appealing to the stomach, well indeed it is not. Seriously, this is really hard to describe so I will give it a pass. Try it at your own risk.

I was quite puzzled that I made an order for fried bean sprouts and baby squids, but both turned out to be cold and soggy.

Garlic Friend Bean Sprouts