A Weird Experience at Palm Acupuncture Treatment Center at Serangoon Gardens

Palm acupuncture treatment center
Shop front of Palm Acupuncture Treatment Center.

It has already been a week since I last went for a massage. It is almost a regular routine to have at least one massage per week to release my stress from work. However, this week was really busy that I could not even find time in the evening to go for a massage.

My “addiction” is acting up again and I just wanted to find one good place for my aching body. We are having a BBQ on this lazy evening, but I thought I still have some time to spare before my friends come pouring into my house at 7pm. Sitting around my dining table and talking with my sister and he boyfriend, they mentioned that they have discovered another new massage spa in Serangoon Gardens. It was a TCM treatment center but the spa does provide massage services as well. Without further delay, my girl friend and I went down immediately.

palm acupuncture treatment center, reception area
Reception Counter.

I thought that would be one of the brainless decision I have made. It is Saturday afternoon and Serangoon Gardens is simply packed with people, so was the massage spa. We climbed the stairs eagerly only to find not a single soul, no one was behind the reception counter either.  The entire spa was in simple form without decoration and there was maybe three to four rooms lined along the corridor. Maybe all rooms are occupied with customers, the spa was actually quite peaceful as well.

Treatment Rooms lined along the corridors.

Out of a sudden, a female masseur walked out of the room and before I could check with her any information, she replied that their appointment is full and we had no choice but to leave with disappointment. We went on to try our luck at The Organic Spa which was right beside this spa.

Our Second Try – Another Failed Attempt

As we did not managed to book an appointment to all the spa we visited on Saturday, I called up on Sunday afternoon made an appointment for three body massage at 5pm. 15 minutes before I leave my house for the spa, the lady that picked up my call earlier asked if three of us are male. After I responded that two of us are female, she stammered onto the phone for a while and say she had to cancel my appointment as one of the masseur was not feeling well. Kinda weird.

PS: Based on my sister’s boyfriend experience, he actually had a very good massage by one of the masseur, Kaili some time ago, so I believe it wasn’t a sleazy spa but it was just weird that she rejected our appointment. Definitely will be back to try it out again.

Palm Acupuncture Treatment Center

79A, Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555975
Tel:+65 6281 4452

Absolute Body Relaxation at Z Spa at Serangoon Gardens

What is written on my blog post is exactly what Z Spa is trying to say as well. we passed by Z Spa on the other day while trying to locate Palm Acupuncture Treatment Center. I did not see any guest inside the spa but just two masseurs sitting on the chairs near the entrance chatting away.

I just briefly took a look at their menu and walked away as it looks much more expensive for a normal massage. But after checking their website, the prices they are offering are quite reasonable. At the same time, they do provide quite a wide range of spa services as well.

Z Spa Services

  • Swedish, Aromatherapy, Balinese, Javanese, Fusion, Hot Stone Massage
  • Manual Lymph Drainage
  • Back Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Pre-natal Massage
  • Slimming Massage
  • Traditional Jamu Wrap
  • Ear Candling
  • Bust Enhancement
  • Waxing Services
  • Exfoliation Therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Facial Treatments

Z Spa

No. 83 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555979
Tel: +65 6487 7666

Chen Kang Wellness at MyVillage (Serangoon Gardens)

After two failed attempts at The Organic Spa and Palm Acupuncture Treatment Center, we went to myVillage to get some veggies for my BBQ event at night. While we walked passed level 1, we saw this Traditional Chinese Medicine wellness spa right in front of the lift. Without any delay, we checked with the reception for available slots. Unfortunately, they could not accommodate three of us together under the same time slot so my sister will go ahead before we two join in an hour later. 

The masseur that was supposed to serve her was sitting right in front of the reception, while she heard the order from the receptionist, she seems unwillingly to serve my sister. Before entering their premises, my sister even ask if she would need to take off her shoes, she continued to walk in front of her without answering or turning back to acknowledge. However, once my sister stepped into the massage area, she rudely replied my sister that shoes has to be taken off.

Her poor service and attitude angered my sister which she decided to cancel the massage and walked off.

PS: At this point of time, we was just complaining about the poor services and attitude but I believed that we will be back for a massage review.

Chen Kang Wellness

#01-21/22 myVillage at Serangoon Garden
1 Maju Ave
Singapore 556679
Tel: 6634 5400

Newly Opened ! The Organic Spa at Serangoon Gardens

After our unsuccessful try at Palm Acupuncture, we decided to try our luck at The Organic Spa which was located just beside the stairwell. Matter of fact, I had caught a glimpse of the spa when I parked my car along the parking lot beside it. The staircase was brightly lit and the feeling was so homely. The reception counter was facing directly at the end of the stairwell and the Operations Manager, Carol, whom was standing behind the counter greeted us politely.

She showed us the menu and recommended the Jamu Clay Pot Therapy which uses heated oil used for Jamu massage. As the spa was opened not long ago, they are having a promotion, which the oil massage would cost only $28 for a 60 minutes session. We thought it was a good deal and decided on the promotion, unfortunately they are fully booked. The earliest timing provided to us was the next day, Sunday ! We could only leave with disappointment again.

I was looking through their website (will be under going major redesign soon) and below are their current promotions.

The Organic Spa Opening Promotion

At the same time, they are also having Christmas Special offer. From now until 31 Dec 2014, get 15% discount on all their products and services for the first 500 customers. (Non-promotional items only).

The Organic Spa’s Signature Massage

Certainly they have a list of interesting massaging which I will be coming back one day for it (especially the Jamu Clay Pot Therapy).

  • Jamu Clay Pot Therapy (Jamu Massage + heated oil).
  • Tai Chi Chopsticks (Using Chopsticks to tap, knead and press on acupressure points). I have tried similar technique, check out my review at Huang Ah Ma Oriental Spa.
  • Ginger Wellness (Ginger Essential Oil + Massage).
  • Bamboo Torch (Massage using heated bamboo stalks of varies length and diameters).
  • Rolling Magic Ball (Special healing crystal balls to massage acupressure points).

The Organic Spa

77A Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555973
(2nd Storey, beside UOB Bank)
Tel: +65 6286 0381

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday – 12.00pm to 9.00pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays – 10.00am to 7.00pm

Late Evening Coffee Chill at The Coffee Daily

the coffee daily shopfront

Three more weeks before our first RES exam and I have buried myself inside the notes together with my girl friend at home for a hardcore studying the entire day. After a hard day of intense studying, we decided to give ourselves a short break away from the notes and enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee (both of us are coffee freaks). I surfed the net and saw Oh Nom Nom Nom’s blog introducing The Coffee Daily at Brighton Crescent. We decided to try our luck.

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I was driving casually into Serangoon Gardens and the sudden crave for desserts drawn both of us into the Hawker and while I enjoyed my Ice-Kachang, my girl friend opted for Ice Jelly, but we still lack of caffeine boost. We decided to look around again to find a nice place for coffee. While I was leaving and on my way out of Serangoon Gardens, we saw the Sun Ray Cafe, brightly lit signboard attracts us and we thought it might be a good place to chill. Parking spaces was limited and I had to turn into the road to find a parking lot and out of sudden, we saw The Coffee Daily, which was like couple of metres away from Sun Ray Cafe. That was our choice.

Entering the cafe, we are greeted by a guy which I believed that to be Alex as mentioned in Oh Nom Nom Nom’s blog. Two things caught my girl friend attention almost immediate; the molten lava cake and the rainbow cake. As expected, molten lava cake was chosen and I settled down with a Long Black while she went for her usual Cafe Latte.

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Amazingly, the molten lava cake was better than expected. It was agreed between both of us that it was the best lava cake which we have eaten in Singapore.

Once you sliced down a corner of the cake, melted chocolate oozed out smoothly and when coupled with their vanilla ice cream, it is heavenly delicious ! I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but I was able to digest the cake as it was not that sweet.

Food is nice, ambience is good as well, but the coffee lack of aroma and tasted too acidic. This was the only disappointing moment. Somehow it seems to me that they are focusing more on the cakes than the coffee.

Anyway, I will be back soon as we are going to try the rainbow cake the next time round.

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The Coffee Daily
75 Brighton Crescent Serangoon Garden Estate
Singapore 559216
Operating Hours: Mon to Thurs – 12pm to 10.30pm, Fri – 12pm to 11.30pm, Sat – 9.30am to 11.30pm, Sun – 9.30am to 10.30pm
Have to park along the roadside which it is quite hard to get a decent space.