Exchange of Unused Expired HDB and URA Parking Coupons

Parking coupons that are valid only up to 31 Dec 2013 can no longer be used from 1 Jan 2014. However, Motorist can exchange the expired coupons with new ones during office hours from 2 Jan 2014 onwards at the following locations.

  • All HDB Branches and Service Cenre
  • URA Customer Service Centre – 45 Maxwell Road, 1st Storey, The URA Centre, Singapore 069118
  • Coupons cannot be exchanged at other sales outlets like petrol stations, shops and post office.
  • Further enquiry, public may call HDB at 1800-2255432 or URA Car Parks Division at +65 6329 3434.
I doubt that will be many people keeping these coupons for such a long time, unless petrol has become too expensive that they stopped driving their cars and leave the coupons sitting inside. 

First 5 babies for New Year 2014

While the street was bustling and everyone was partying across the island, with fireworks celebrating the new year, 5 moms has delivered their babies in the hospital. This post is to pay tribute to those moms that has work hard during that moment. Let’s check out the 5 babies below.

#1 Averett Sim (Avey) was born at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day at Thomson Medical Centre after the mom, Jacqueline Tan, 28 who was in labor for about 5 hours before natural birth. His dad, Adrian Sim, 35, a general practitioner at Healthway Medical Group and his wife has given their first born his name which stands for strength and courage, two qualities they hope he will grow up to be possess with.

They have also won an infant car seat and food hamper from Nestle, one month’s supply of diapers from Huggies being Thomson Medical Centre’s as the first baby in 2014.

#2 Nur Afina Insyirah was borned less than a minutes after in Singapore General Hospital. Though the baby was expected to arrive on the 29th Dec, the couple, Iswardy Ithnain 27, a technical officer and Nur Asilah Ali, 25, a nurse at National Heart Centre welcomed their little one on New Year’s Day as a surprise present.

#3 Leong Jan Sen was born at Raffles Hospital was born at 12.02am after his mother, Wendy Teo, 31, an accountant spent a full day in labour.

#4 and #5 Timothy Tan and Tiffany Tan was the first set of twins this year who were also born at Thomson Medical Group more than 4 hours after passing midnight. Their parents, Andrew Tan, 42 and Jessie Lim, 41 both pastors at Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church welcome the twin when Madam Lim delivered the twins naturally in just 90 minutes. The elder twin, Timothy entered the at 4.23am while sister Tiffany came in 6 minutes later.

Congratulations to all mom and dad for their efforts !!

2 Singaporean unaccounted in Bangkok’s Santika Pub

Again, we have news of Singaporean killed in overseas. This time round it has happened in Bangkok, and one Singaporean was kill, 2 with minor injuries while another 2 is not yet to be accounted for. The incident took 60 lives and injuring 200 others.

Cause of the disaster might be firecrackers or pyrotechnics which are used for the celebration.

Now I can fully understand why Singapore has ban firecrackers. Because we are living almost side to side and if anything like that would have happen, unimaginable..

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Rest In Peace Ms. Lo Hwei Yen

During the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, one of our Singaporean, Ms. Lo Hwei Yen has unfortunately encounter with the terrorists and was killed in Mumbai last week.

I would take this chance to make our consolation to her families and friends for this unfortune incident.