Everyday starts anew, everyday you face a new battle

As you wake up every morning, it marks the beginning of a battle,  fighting against the challenges that is going to happen in the day. This is happening to all living things in the world. If talking about animals, they are fighting a battle against the environment, predators and even humans to find food to fill their stomach and shelters to keep them out from unpredictable weather.

On the other hand, we humans are fighting a battle in our workplace or normal life, trying to solve problems or create new solutions each and everyday. These are the battles which we have to fight with, but using intelligence and knowledge, not to prevent a battle from starting everyday, but to getting prepared to win a battle at the end of the day.

These are also the battles which gained us ever-flowing wisdom and knowledge to deal with new problems and finding better solutions. The priority of the every day’s battle does not lies neither in winning or losing, but the learning process which will helps us grow in future battles which we might and will encounter on. Without getting any knowledge or wisdom through the learning process, you will find yourself getting more weary of ongoing battles which will eventually wear yourself out in modern fast-paced and ever-changing environment.