Why Do Women Simply Love Foot Massage

In these days, our lives are busier and more stressful than ever. With work, family, school and community involvement all demanding our time and attention, many women find themselves spread too thin. It is easy to forget that having too much stress in our lives can have a negative effect on our emotional and physical health, but it is important to find regular and convenient ways of decreasing excess stress. For stress reduction, many women turn to exercise such as yoga or running. Others turn to spirituality. Especially for women who are on their feet all day, feet massage can be another great way to relax with the added bonus of feeling pampered!

I think one of the best gift is when a boyfriend gives her girlfriend a good foot massage. Photo from Life Hack.

Pleasures of Getting a Foot Massage

One of my close friends was given a gift certificate to a spa by her husband for their anniversary. She felt that it was a very thoughtful and luxurious gift, especially because her husband would never be the type to go to a spa himself. A gift certificate to a spa is a great way to make an important woman in your life feel pampered. My friend told me that after her day out she felt relaxed and extra self-confident. Personally, when I have a little extra money, I have occasionally splurged on a foot massage at a nail salon down the street from my house. With comfortable reclining chairs, friendly staff and an array of nail polish colors to choose from, it is the perfect way to give myself a little treat or pick me up if I’m feeling down.

Foot Massage Techniques

Some of the most important foot rub techniques that therapists may use include massaging the bottom of the foot, rotating the ankles, gently pulling and squeezing the toes, sliding fingers between the toes, and applying pressure to the arch of the foot. Of these sensual techniques, my friend and I agreed that massaging the bottom of the foot and toes were the most enjoyable. Spending a lot of time on your feet, whether standing, walking, or exercising, is apt to leave your feet feeling tense and achy. Having the bottom of the feet and toes massaged is an incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating feeling.

Last But Not Least, the Pedicure!

At most salons, the final step of the foot massage is one of the most fun: a pedicure! Women can choose from a rainbow of nail polish colors to decorate their freshly pampered feet. Especially during sandal season, nail polish is a must-have. A ruby red is always a good choice, but if you want to mix it up a little bit, why not choose an unusual color such as turquoise, butter yellow, or a glittery silver, as the perfect end to a stress-relieving day of pampering.

Author’s Bio: Ion Doaga is the owner of Massage Dreams where he writes about how to give a foot massage to your loving women. Via his posts he wants to empower people to take control of their health and show that the quality of our lives is directly linked to how we treat our mind and body.

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Singapore ads on Old Man Hates Massaging Sexy Models

Source: TNP

The following videos was a creative piece of work by Jobiness, a job search portal. The uncle plays as a disgruntled massage therapists for professional models complaining his “nightmare” about giving these sexy models a massage. He might thinks it is the worse job ever, does anyone wants to take over his job ?

Though he ended up finding a desk job, but he still get harassment by the fellow female colleagues for him to massage for them.

Background about the “Uncle”

The massage therapist “uncle” was Mr. Toh Kia Hing, a 53 year-old sound engineer working at Chinoiserie, a dance club near Esplanade. He was single and has not been in a relationship for the past seven years. Although the advertisement was broadcasted in two versions, Hokkien (Chinese dialect) and Singlish, he was actually a Hainanese.

How He Managed to Cliche This “Nightmare” Advertisement ?

Recounting on how he landed this job to star on the advertisement, one of his old friends and the director of the advertisement, Nicholas Lee, whom was role was “Ronnie” in Channel 5 sitcom “Under One Roof” call him and soon landed the role two weeks after the audtion.

Women Really Difficult to Serve ?

In the interview with inSing News, he mentioned that being a engineer for more than 30 years, he would rather massage a microphone than a woman because it doesn’t nag. Though there is negative comments from viewers that he hated women, but he said that laughter was set in during the rehearsal and the girls were fun to work with.

7 Types of Irritating Masseurs

Massage is a enjoyable and relaxation process, provided that you are being serve by a good masseur. I have encountered the goods and bad through out the years I have been going around massaging and below are the 7 kinds of masseurs whom I cannot stand.

#1 A Talkative Masseur.
It has been really a long day for you after rushing out reports and finally knocked off in the midnight. You wanted a short relaxation session and visit the late night massages, looking for a decent de-stress session. Greeted politely by your masseur, she started working on your body and so does her mouth. Regardless if you was either a good or bad listener, she just kept trying to have a conversation with you while you are trying to fall asleep during the massage. You ended up more tired after hearing so much. What a “long” day !

#2 The Superpower Masseur.
Massage is supposed to be a smoothening and relaxing process, however, there are sometimes when you are served by a “Superpower”. While not tending to your needs and adequate strength to use, she uses all her might trying to give you the most “refreshing” massage and breaking your bones at the same time. Especially true when you are going for Thai Massage, so beware.

#3 The Sleepy Masseur.
The latest drama has kept the masseur up all night that leaves her restless during the day. She started working on your back as usual and slowly you felt that it is getting softer and softer… and it paused for a moment……..and she continues to work on your back. The cycle continues for the entire cycle and by the time you complete your massage session, you felt nothing but simply fustration. But you are lucky because she did not use her saliva as the essential oil.

#4 The Freestyler Masseur.
You have been visiting this particular massage parlor for umpteen times and out of your luck your usual masseur is out of town and they had to arrange another new masseur to you. Even though the masseur is trained by the spa, she is pressing all over the body without a proper sequence and you did not feel the smoothening effects of the massage and ended your day a bad one.

#5 The Career Masseur.
You are an executive that has been picking up phone calls the entire day and you really wanted to switch your phone to slient mode and enjoy an hour of quietness and relaxation. However, when you lay down flat on the bed, the masseurs is talking over the phone with the customers, making reservations by herself or SMSes alerts are coming in and she is replying it whilst massaging for you. Don’t you just find it annoying that you could not even enjoy the slight tranquility in a day ?

#6 The Scraper Masseur.
One of the taboo of a masseur is not cutting her nails. I really hated when a masseur scratch my skin with her fingernails, leaving red swollen marks. One is because of hygiene reason while another is what happens if your girl friends misunderstood those marks ? You will get yourself into trouble….

#7 The Practical Masseur.
There is nothing much I can describe about this type of masseur, but if they provided really good massage services, tips will be given willingly, not by asking from the customers.

11 spa etiquette guest should follow

1. Punctuality. Arrive at least 15-20 minutes earlier to check in, so that the spa will have ample time to prepare you for a full course massage. I am sure that you would not be glad if you were behind a guest who arrived late and delay your appointment by 15-20 minutes.

2. Eating and drinking. Try to avoid a heavy meal for at least an hour before a treatment, and especially avoid consumption of alcohol. Some spa reserve the rights to reject customer that has consumed alcohol prior to the treatment due to health safety and security issues. Try drinking plenty of water before and after the treatment to replenish your body.

3. Mind your manners. Remember to turn your iPhone 5 or Blackberry off or switch to silent mode while in the in spa; the other guests are not interested in the topic that you are talking with over the phone. Spa is a place for relaxation, so keep your electronics away and enjoy the spa.

4. Nudity. Those that has not been to a massage or spa treatment may feel awkward to take off all your clothes in front of others. If you are uncomfortable with the buff, you can choose not to undress completely and it is perfectly fine to keep your shorts or underwear whilst having the massage. Most of the spas in Singapore provides disposable undergarments and maintain guest modesty.

5. Choosing the gender of a therapist. Actually this is up to you. Spas ensure that every effort is being taken with great consideration but at times it might be hard to fulfill your request due to high volume of guests in the spa. It would be good to book in advance the gender or preferred therapist to avoid disappointment.

6. Cancellation. You might be not be able to enjoy a spa due to last minute meeting, but you might want to give someone a chance to have a relaxation session. Try to make the cancellation as soon as you know that you cannot make it so that the time is reserve for someone else. If you have already paid for the spa treatment, cancellation policies of spa might penalty you for the appointment change.

7. Usage of shared facilities. There are many shared spa facilities like pools, jacuzzi, sauna. Always shower before entering these facilities. If entering a sauna or steam, make sure you have a towel to sit on.

8. Shaving. It is not recommended to shave before body treatment or facial. If there is a need to shave, make sure to shave at least 4 hours prior to your treatment. Ladies are not recommended to shave their legs in the spa as well.

9. Health problems. Please raise any health issues to the therapists prior to the treatment especially if you are pregnant, have allergies, high blood pressure or any physical disabilities as some treatments / therapy are not cater for all. The therapists can advise the best therapy for you. Communication with the therapist during the treatment and sound out immediately if you are not feeling well.

10. Jewellery and Valuables. It is advisable to leave your jewellery and/or valuables at home or in the private lockers provided in the spa. The spa will not be responsible for any loss of these items and definitely you does not want to lose your new wedding rings.

11. Eco Awareness. Most spa are built on eco-friendly practices, try to be considerate on usage of towels and toiletries. Global warming is getting serious all over the world so try to protect the planet more.

The Relaxing Impact of Aromatherapy on Spa Clients (Guest Blogger)

It was a busy week and you are dead beat after all the work. Thoughts are coming and go into your head, just like resuming the memories from last week. You needed some form of relaxation and headed over to a spa … People head over to a spa is to get away from the pressures of daily life. The place provides escape from whatever stress is building up at work or at home. During your time at spa, you have the chance to rest and rejuvenate your mind and body. From the moment you are in the spa, you are in a different world. No worries, no thoughts, just relax.

What is this euphoric feeling…? Aromatherapy 
Aromatherapy is a form of healing that uses scented candles, incense and even various types of essential oils to trigger certain responses in the brain. This reduces the effects of stress on the nervous system by promoting the release of endorphins and other feel good neurotransmitters. The right combination of scents can help ease the pain of a headache, stop the mind from racing from one thought to the next and help to restore a sense of mental and emotional balance.

How Does Aromatherapy work together with body massage? 
A professional therapist knows that the ultimate goal of the session is to help the client relax and enjoy the treatment. In order to accomplish this goal, it is often helpful to combine methods so that both the mind and body receive attention.

When preparing the space for the session, the therapist will use different methods to create an area that inspires relaxation and calm. Part of the process will involve attention to the lighting, the comfort of the massage table and even the scents that drift through the space.

Typically, the choice of scents will include something that is likely to appeal to the client and also trigger the pleasure areas of the brain. For example, the use of lavender is very common in this type of setting.

When coupled with the manipulation of the muscles on the shoulders, back and other areas of the body, it releases the individual from their worries at least for the duration of the session. As a result, the mind and the body can relax and drift for a time, enjoying the simple pleasures of pleasant sensations and freedom from the usual round of stress and tension.

The human body needs care and gentle touches. It needs to charge whenever it is exhausted. Don’t be lazy. Make an appointment at your nearest spa. Don’t be like most people who will come from work and fight alone with the stress and tiredness. Your body deserves it.

Author’s Bio: Ion Doaga is the owner of Massage Dreams. He writes about alternative and treatments and encourage people to take care of their body.

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Clear the name of Pearls Centre’s Massage Parlor

After being tormented by the fact that Pearl Centre‘s massage parlors are providing sex services, it is time that they are cleared of their grievances. Being hulked at providing sex services, legitimate massage parlors suffered losses as their reputation are ruined for the fact that secret corners of the sex parlors are causing much confusion to which is real massage and which are sex service providers.

Shop owners finally took actions to clear their name

Frustrated that the sex parlors are root cause of their bad business, they decided to take action against these parlors to closed them down once and for all. Legitimate business owners joined together in force to hire a Private Investigator at a cost of $6,000 to secretly investigate women soliciting for their sex services and footage of these are secretly recorded as a evidence that this was illegal massage parlors that provides “special services”. If you are a tourist and you could see scantily-cladded women finding customers, how would the image be given to you ? Singapore is a “clean and green city”, not “Sex and the City“.

Pity for legitimate massage owners

When Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in 2008, the effect rippled the entire world and business was not doing good at all for many business owners. Facing stiff competition from fellow massage owners is already giving them enough woes, not to mention the volume of customers was greatly reduced and everyone is trying to save their pocket from over spending, those illegal sex parlors are making things worse by snatching their business and ruining their reputation in the shopping centre premises. I think it is a right move that business owners stand up together to fight for their reputation and give them a justice.

Hope legitimate massage owners businesses will flourish in the future

I am a great fan of massage and spa in Singapore, but at times I do doubt those parlors that are poorly lit or covered entirely with opaque wall stickers. Different owners have different thinking. It might be the case that legitimate owners wanted more privacy for their guests, but ended up being mistaken as sex service providing massage parlors. Hopefully, after busting these sex parlors, the massage owners will earn their rightful reputation and get recognize as traditional masseurs for the skills and knowledge in the massage industry.

I could not help but to voice out my concerns after seeing a news from Asiaone that shop owners are trying to fight and maintain their reputation as legitimate owners

Massage could reduce back pain problems ?

A study was carried recently involving around 400 patients aged 20 to 65 who has chronic low back pain found that relaxation massage, such as Swedish-style massage and more structural massage provided by therapists with advanced training benefits the patients.

The Seattle-based researchers from the Group Health Research Institute revealed their new research report that a weekly one-hour massage could benefits the patient and a study also show that a 10-week massage treatment reduced pain more than medications and exercises, with the effects lasting for 6 months.

At the end of the 10-week treatment, nearly 40% of patients in the group said their pain was nearly or completely gone, as compared to 4% in the usual care group whom the patients received treatments e.g take pain medications or muscle relaxants, seeing doctors or physical therapist, or not doing anything.

A prior study from National Institutes of Health also found out that massage therapy have immediate benefits of pain and mood among patients with advanced cancer.

– Annals of Internal Medicine, journal published on July 5th 2011.