Massage at Cozy Spa & Dinner at Echo Beach in Bali

Since our last trip two years ago to Bali, my wife and I have decided that we should visit to Bali every year for our holidays. However, it did not happened last year as I travelled twice to Bali for conferences and hence skipped promised holidays with her.

This year was a busy year as well and we are both overwhelmed by the workload and the holidays had slipped through our minds. Coincidentally, one of wife’s friends has open a fashion boutique shop in Ubud and we decided to tag along for a four-person trip.

We booked the tickets via Air Asia just one week before flying and the thought of traveling to Bali for holidays just kept both of us excited for the entire week ! (finally away from calls and emails…)

View taken from the Air Asia plane
Landing soon ! Wondering what was the small island there..

Touched down ! The euphoric feel of having a holiday threw all thoughts on works and emails right into the back of my brain. The immigration hall is filled with tourists whom are as excited as we are and it does take a while if you were to queue for custom clearance. Luckily, I was holding a APEC travel card which we both managed to skip the queue.

Getting a Local Sim Card and Finding a Taxi

There are two things we need to accomplish:
1. Getting a local sim to stay in contact with our friends.
2. Finding a taxi to go to the spa that we have booked earlier in the week.
Like many countries (except in China), you can get a local sim card at the Denpasar airport easily. Once you stepped out of the arrival hall, there is an eye catching red booth on the left that sell simPATI sim cards. You can approached them and they can help to setup your phone with local sim card in four simple steps:

1. Choose a plan (various plan available, depending on duration of stay)
2. Give them your phone and they will change the sim card for you.
3. Activation will be done by them.
4. Pay them the money. (I have chose a 4 day plan with 8GB of data usage at Rp 350,000 (est. S$35))

Note: There are neither need to register nor showing of any IDs. 

First thing completed, next will be calling a taxi. As advised from my Indonesian friend, it would be better to get taxi from a local taxi company, Blue Bird than finding unlicensed “taxi” which may end up more expensive. (Note that those unlicensed taxi drivers are lining up along the arrival hall trying to get customers.)
We saw a booth on the right side of the arrival hall with a Blue Bird signboard and booked a taxi promptly. It cost about Rp 215,000 (est. S$22). They politely ushered us to a waiting area before a driver came and show us to the car. Then, we realised we had booked the wrong type of taxi.
We have actually booked the Golden Blue Bird (which is still under the same group but more expensive) instead of the conventional Bird Blue taxi which you can flag down if you walk further out to the car waiting area. Nevertheless, they are using SUVs for the premium service and definitely more comfortable.

Two Hours Massage at Cozy Spa

As our friends will only land in Bali two hours later, we have booked for a massage at Cozy Spa recommended by them as well. Though it should only a 15 minutes ride to the spa, the chatty driver was hard selling his car rental services in his simple english and ended up getting lost in his way. Luckily, we still managed to reach the spa in time.

Once stepping into the spa, the staff greeted politely before explaining the procedures of the spa and making payment before commencement of the spa. It cost about Rp 290,000 (est. S$29) for 2 hours massage per person which can be paid either in cash or credit card.

They does not have individual or couple private rooms like those in the hotels, but they provides a partition room with curtains. Though it may not be fully sound proof, but the staff have gently reminds the guest to switch off or turn the phone to silent mode and observe silence during the course of massage.

Before commencement, the masseur would politely whisper in your ears that they are starting the massage. Laying a silky white cloth over your body, he slowly kneads with adequate strength slowly from neck downward before apply essential oil onto the body, focusing and working on each and every meridian points on the back. While enjoying and relieving myself from the aching back from sitting on a plane, I slipped into sleep in the tranquil ambience.

Reception and waiting area of Cozy Spa
Reception and waiting area of Cozy Spa.

Before I knew it, the masseur tapped on my shoulders and the session has ended. I dressed up with the robe provided and he ushered me to the bathroom for shower. One of the unique thing was they are using they own in-house shampoo and bath foam. There was this shampoo with olive oil and bath foam with ginger and peppermint. You will definitely feel much refresh after the bath and covered yourself with the sweet scent of these natural ingredients.

Last but not the least, we are offered a cup of ginger tea which ended the session entirely.

You may find information about the spa below:

Cozy Spa
Address: Jalan Sunset Road No. 66, Kuta, Bali
Phone: +62-812-38506611

Seafood Dinner at Echo Beach

directional signboard on echo board
I like the slogan.

If you enjoy dinner by the seaside, Jimbaran Beach is not the only place in Bali you can do that. Echo Beach also offers great seafood at your own selection as well. The restaurant is huge with indoors and outdoors sitting. My suggestion – if you like a quiet ambience, take indoor. If you would like to enjoy the sea breeze, definitely outdoor.

Benches under the tent of echo beach.
Sitting on the benches in a open tent while enjoying the sea breeze.

Without any hesitation, we walked to the outdoor area. Hey, we are facing walls so much in Singapore, it is time to take a real good look at the sea. The place is literally scattered with benches and you can sit anywhere, as long as there is no one sitting on it.

the display fridge with fresh seafood for selection
What is everyone looking at ?

So how do you order the food ? Simple.

Instead of having a conventional menu (which they do have), you can go over to the counter where there is a row of fridges with fresh seafood. You can select your favourite seafood, and they will grill it for you. The price goes according to the portion that you are ordering so I thought it was quite fair and reasonable.

Beside that, they also have free flow of rice, bread and salad at the side which you can go with your seafood. That will just make a perfect meal !

five dishes of grilled seafood
Some of the seafood that we have ordered. Yummy ~~

Look at these gorgeous seafood. Nicely char grilled and covered with a thin layer of BBQ sauce. One thing about having seafood in Bali is to taste the natural sweetness of the meat than focusing on the sauce itself. I personally liked the prawns and squid, the sweetness and texture is fantastic.

How I wish I could take some photos of the strong waves which lined along the tent, but as it was already dark in the night, it was almost impossible to see it through photos.

Echo Beach
Jl. Pura Batu Mejan, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung,
Bali 80361, Indonesia
Tel: +62 812 3978466

Push Cart Grilled Sweet Corn

holding a grilled sweet corn in the hand
Nicely grilled corn with spicy sauce. 

It really has been a fulfilling dinner for everyone of us. While we were walking back to our car, along the way there was a push cart selling grilled sweet corn. Before I could try finding more space in my stomach, we have already ordered two corns – one original and one spicy. I brought it back to my friend’s villa before gobbling down the corn. It was the best corn I had since childhood (remembering I always had steam sweet corn at City Plaza) and after tasting this delicacy, I have totally lose faith in cup corn.

That all for the night and we will move off to Ubud tomorrow !

Revisiting Newly Renovated Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage at Boat Quay

Sabaai Sabaai was closed about a month ago for their new renovation. Prior to the new renovated spa, I decided to revisit the massage parlour to relieve my aching shoulders, as well as to take a peek at their newly renovated place.

As i took my first step into Sabaai Sabaai, the place immediately stole my gaze with its improve makeover and a classier look than its previous setting and they have replaced the sofa set at the reception with 3 chairs specially for foot reflexology. Anyway, while I was taking off my shoes before entering the rooms, they actually gave me a foot bath. A free foot bath was only available if you made an appointment. They applied the foot with a mud-like paste and scrubbed your feet with a brush, which gave a ticklish sensation.

As compared to the previous setting, the mattress are now laid on the raised wooden platforms and white half-translucent curtains on all sides. Of course, they still provide clean clothes for change as I was going for an oil massage. I did not really enjoy the massage this time round as the masseur seems to be uncertain which part to really apply pressure on. Her strength varies on different parts of my body and though I have told her to focus more on my shoulders, there wasn’t more time spent massaging it. But as an overall, it is still a good experience and I will definitely be willing to revisit Sabaai Sabaai again.

Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage

49A Boat Quay
Singapore 049838
Tel: +65 6536 3306 / +65 9337 3715
Nearest MRT Station: Clarke Quay (NE5)

Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 12.00pm to 10.00pm
Sunday: 12.00pm to 6.00pm

Updated on 9th Dec 2014.

Body Massage at Spa Luna for My 1st Year Anniversary

Spa luna at sentosa

Spa Luna is housed within a heritage building in Sentosa.

Due to my hectic work schedule, I was unable to go for a short getaway overseas with my girl friend for our one-year anniversary celebration. We tried searching for a short trip to Bintan’s Banyan Trees and MediSpa, but the rates are far too expensive, especially when we are talking about peak holidays season. Instead, we switched our plan to a staycation at Arama Sanctuary in Sentosa and indulge ourselves with a relaxing massage treat at Spa Luna.

We pre-booked a late afternoon session at Spa Luna and we headed towards the spa upon our check in at Amara Sanctuary. Though it was within walking distance in the premises, it actually took us quite a while to figure our way there. We were caught by surprise on our first step into the spa’s reception as it appears it to us more like a gym due to the loud music blasting upstairs. Also, at the same time, there isn’t any sight of a receptionist at the counter hence we rang the bell for assistance. Luckily, it did not took us quite long for the receptionist to come out and attend to us. As usual, we get to choose the massage we needed out from their menu and the receptionist gave us a brief introduction and explanatory details on their massage services. My girl friend went for the 60 minutes swedish massage while I opted for a 60 minutes deep tissue massage. we were ushered to the waiting area while the masseurs prepare our rooms. As the spa is opened newly, they have a promotion of 30 minutes steam bath.

spa luna couple room

We were kindly ushered to our Couple massage room. The room was well lit by light which were adjustable to our preference of brightness and dimness. As a welcome gift for being newly opened, a Complimentary Steam bath of 30 minutes was privileged to all newly visited customers. Nonetheless, we were lucky enough to be given this entitlement of enjoyment. My girlfriend was overjoyed as she is always fond of steam bath due to the variety of health and beauty benefits, such as detoxification, glowing skin and many more to list. Well, personally for me, it was indeed a good kick start of relaxation for both the mind and body before our massage. Of course, not forgetting to hydrate ourselves with plenty of water after the steam bath, which were provided to us from the staff of Spa Luna, as rehydration is very important after the steam bath to prevent any dehydration due to the water loss from the body in the process of sweating during steam bath.

Soon after, we were finally lying on our well laid, nicely decorated bed for the pampering massage ! “Lights dim down please.. air-con not too cold and mid-level strength on the strokes of massage please” All these were the replies given to the masseurs asking on our preferences before they proceed to our massage. Isn’t it wonderful as we were just being spoiled for choices and good services ? Overall, the skills of the masseurs were above satisfactory. Services from the staff were good as well.

spa luna dessert

After we have finished our 60-minutes massage, we were being guided to a cozy area with table and sofa,  whereby desserts were served. Two bowls of mouth savouring warm Snow Fungus Soup were ready on the table for us. Just like the sweetness of the dessert, we appreciate the sweet thoughts on this indulgence of nourishing sweet treats from Spa Luna. We were allowed to sit around their cozy corner for as long as we wish.

However, as much as we disfavor the idea leaving, we still got to lift out butts up from the cushy velvet sofa for our dinner appointment at another venue. Aw…

Upon making payment at the counter, feedbacks were being asked. Masseurs were there as well to say adios to us and of course giving thanks on our gracious visit to their place.

In conclusion, the skills of the masseurs were good. Staffs were polite, hospitable and well-mannered. I might pay them another visit for the gratifying experience, if I were to be back for a staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa again.

spa luna resting area.

Spa Luna
1 Larkhill Road, Sentosa
Singapore 099394
Tel: +65 6825 3888
Fax: +65 6825 3878

Late night massage at Imperial Apple Spa

Imperial Apple Spa at tras street

As usual, I ended my work late till 2 am in the morning and there was a sudden urge to release the stress was so strong that I decided to go for an massage. This time round, I decided for a new change and went to Imperial Apple Spa.

Housed in the Union Building, and was designed into two floors. There is a total of 6 VIP foot reflexology rooms which friends and family can enjoy their foot massage whilst watching movies and chatting in privacy. The 2nd floor housed 9 individual rooms, including couple rooms for personal space and privacy.

I was greeted promptly by the male receptionist and he checked his schedule which he managed to find a masseur for an one hour body oil massage. The masseur was call upon and came out from the resting area, which was right behind the counter. I was ushered to the second floor to my room.

The room I assigned to a raised bed covered with towels and also a shower room in case I can use to wash off the oil after the massage. The room was dimly lit and makes me sleepy almost immediately. While the background was playing music softly, which I supposed they have broadcast it in the entire spa.

Entrance of imperial Apple
The entrance of Imperial Apple

I was handed over a disposable underwear to change and have to take off all of my clothing. I rested onto the bed and the China masseur knocked softly at the door to check if I was ready for the massage. She came in with towel which are used to cover my body and check if the air-con temperature was good for me.

The massage started … She wasn’t using much strength as I was expecting and there was some parts of the body which I think she neglected totally. As I have been used to oil massage, I reckon that the amount of oil on my body was too much and it actually felt watery instead. However, as I relax my body, the tiredness set in and I felt asleep not long after. Woke up in a daze, she prompted if I needed a massage which I didn’t, pay the bill and went home immediately.

Though after the massage, I could still feel areas of my body not relaxed and stickiness caused by the use of excessive body oil. Not really a good massage experience after all.

Berishiok Ratings
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Hygience: 3.5/5
Skill: 3/5
Price: $55 for 60 mins body massage

Spa Information

Imperial Apple Spa
Union Building
171 Tras Street (Behind Amara Hotel), Singapore 079025
Reservation: +65 6225 1555
Monday to Sunday: 10.00am to 6.00am daily
Parking: If you are not afraid being summon by the police, you can just park along the road side outside of the spa considering if you are visiting in late hours.

Hot Spa at Roxy Square (Berishiok Reviewed)

This is my most recent spa experience in Singapore. In the past, I would often drive to Malaysia, KL to have a nice spa as I thought it would be much cheaper to relax there. However, I would have a change in mind after one of my friends recommended me Hot Spa located at Roxy Square.

If you have looked from the outside of the spa, it looks a bit sleazy, but that would not be the case. Do not judge by its cover. We have to pay $76 for the usage of spa facilities and 1 hour of massage.

We was hungry as we did not take our dinner, but the spa does provides free meals for the customers and we ate at the spa, took a nice rest at the smoking corner before entering the Jacuzzi followed by the steam room.

I think the best part of all was the massage by the experienced ladies masseurs, they really know your aching point and pressed adequately onto it. Too bad that the massage lasted too short (should have extended the time if possible).

We will be going back again the following month with more friends and of course, I would not have to travel to Malaysia for a decent spa anymore.

Hot Spa
Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel #03-00
50 East Coast Road
Singapore 428769
Tel: +65 6440 6366

My Bad Experience at Masaji Thai Massage in Bugis

Nestled in the heart of bustling Tan Quee Lan Street, a prime location for great steamboats and eateries, a Thai massage parlour can be found on the 2nd level of one of the shophouses. A simple decorated stairwell leads to the entrance of the parlours where a native Thai receptionist will be there to greet you with  a warm welcome.

Services and Price

Body Massage (Thai or Oil) – 45 mins @ $39, 60 mins @ $49, 90 mins @69
Facial Therapy – $48
Ear Candling – $25
Foot Reflexology 40 mins – $30
Herbal ball, cupping, Gua Sha

I arrived at the parlour around eight, but there were few customers customers, which I attributed it probably to being dinner time. My friend and I asked for a massage and they had therapists available immediately. It is interesting to note that all their rooms have only individual beds, and males and females are segregated into different areas.
I had initially asked for an oil massage, however shortly into the massage I felt that the strength applied was not enough. After telling the therapist, she indicated that oil massage was not supposed to be forceful and if I wanted to, I can switched over to traditional thai massage instead.
I supposed she was putting all her strength onto me and at a point of time, she actually puts her whole weight onto me by standing on my back. She wasn’t getting the aching points right and all I was feeling throughout the massage session is being pressed randomly.

Ambience: 6 / 10
Value: 9 / 10
Service: 7 / 10
Overall: 7.3

7A Tan Quee Lan Street (Opposite. Bugis Junction MacDonald’s)
Tel: +65 6336 9557
Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm

La Touche – Aesthetics & Wellness


6 Sin Ming Road, Sin Ming Plaza Tower 2 #01-08, (S)575585
Tel: +65 6100 9200
Fax: +65 6100 8200

French word for touch, La Touche offers a wide range of services for females clients with a holistic touch, regardless personal, physical or spiritually. With a luxurious range of Decleor products, they provide essential nourishment to your skin needs.

La Touche Signature Massage – 60 mins, $140
Deep Tissue Massage – 60 mins, $120
Indonesian Massage – 60 mins, $100
Acupressure Massage – 60 mins, $90
Swedish Massage – 60 mins, $80
Back and Shoulder Massage – 30 mins, $45
Hot Stones Massage – 90 mins, $180

Flower Bath – 30 mins, $45
Aromatherapy Bath – 30 mins, $55

Specially for Him Massage
Express cleansing treatment – 45 mins, $75
Deep energising treatment – 75 mins, $150
Aromassage face – 60 mins, $75
Aromassage body – 60 mins, $130 / 90 mins, $170

Spa Jelita | Unveiling the beauty in you.

Address: 150 Changi Road #01-02 Guthrie Building, (S)419973

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat: 10am to 9pm (Last appointment at 6pm)
Sun: 10am to 5pm (Last appointment at 2pm)

Tel: +65 6345 4565
Fax: +65 6345 4583

Ride on to experience a spa journey that is a cradle of traditional Arabian customs and modern practices of aromatherapy and first-class technologically advanced facial treatments.

They provide spa services like hair care, face care, body therapies, slimming, bridal and post natal.

Some of the massages they provide includes:

Aromasoul Therapy (90 mins at $85. UP $130)
Includes Hammam Ritual and Full Body Massage.
Each therapy is an intricate blend of soothing aromatherapy massage techniques with stimulating deep tissue massage.

Arabian Spa Retreat (120 mins at $100, UP $180)
Includes Hammam Ritual, Full Body Massage and Body Glow.
Indulge in a deeply invigorating power of exfoliation of your choice follows by a soothing massage.

Jelitasoul Ginger Experience (150 mins at $120, UP $230) **Spa Jelita Signature Treatment**
Includes Hammam Ritual, Full Body Massage, Body Glow and Ginger Therapy
This unique therapy uses fresh ginger essence to invigorate tired and aching muscles, performed together with body glow treatment and a signature massage.

Velvet Nights Journey (150 mins at $150, UP $258)
Includes Hammam Ritual, Full Body Massage, Body Glow and Cleopatra Milk Royale
A wonderful indulgent combination of the Hammam Ritual, exfoliation, soothing massage and lastly the Cleopatra style milkbath that leaves  you relaxed and revitalised.

Cleopatra Royal Ritual (3 hours at $180, UP $326)
Includes Hammam Ritual, Full Body Massage, Body Glow, Cleopatra Milk Royale and Ganggang.
Mimic tales of Queen Cleopatra, ruler of ancient Egypt bath herself in milk to keep her skin beautifully soft and pure to touch. A ultimate spa indulgence that includes all the essentials of body therapies.

Other therapies they provide includes the following:
Hammam Ritual (30 mins), Body Glow (30 mins), Ginger Back Therapy (20 mins), Ginger Therapy (10 mins), Hydro Therapy (25 mins), Traditional Ganggang (20 mins), Ear Candling (20 mins), Ginger Therapy + Foot Relax (30 mins), Traditional Cupping (30 mins), Guasa (30 mins), Jelitasoul Massage c/w steam or sauna (30 + 15 mins), Jelitasoul Massage c/w steam or sauna (60 + 15 mins), Jelitasoul Massage (90 mins), Healing Massage (75 + 15 mins)

Statice | Glow With Confidence


53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #03-28/29, AMK Hub, (S)569933
Opening Hours. Mon – Fri :11 am – 9 pm, Sat:11 am – 8 pm, Sun / PH :10 am – 7 pm

Nearest MRT. Ang Mo Kio MRT
Tel: (65) 6565 2858, (65) 6556 2870


Blk 721 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #01-2805, (S)560721
Opening Hours. Mon – Fri :11 am – 9 pm, Sat:11 am – 8 pm, Sun / PH :10 am – 7 pm
Nearest MRT. Ang Mo Kio MRT
Tel: (65) 6556 1183, (65) 6556 1193