Famous Tau Sar Piah From Kedah

My girl friend’s cousin was visiting Singapore with her boy friend and they have brought us a Malaysia local delight, which was as well one of my favorite snack as well – Tau Sar Piah. As soon as I reached home, I could not wait to open up the box to see what is waiting inside for me like a small boy.When you open the box, you will see two layers of identical Tau Sar Piah stacked neatly and the top of the Tau Sar Piah is coated with a layer of golden brown color.

While taking my first bite of the Tau Sar Piah, you would not even noticed that there was a crust at all ! Simply because the crust is so soft and blended so well with the filling that you would not even noticed it. Though it might seem similar to those that you can buy fresh in Singapore, but the taste is  definitely different class. Indeed, as mentioned on the box itself, it is a Lao Zi Hao.

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Kedah, Malaysia
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