Correct Images Sizes for Different Social Media

I believe that when anyone was excited to update his or her social media profile picture or page after a incredible photoshoot with your beloved girl friend, you find it hard to adjust the correct length, width or height of the photos that fits into that small window.

Supposedly, it takes only 5 minutes to complete the simple task but it drags almost the entire afternoon just to get the alignment right. Is any facing this problem ? (Hands up please !)

Definitely, like anyone that is viewing this post at this moment, I had my difficulties and thought that it will be good to share these information which I have found from the internet. I will only briefly touch on the general dimensions so you might have to read up a bit from the respective links.

Below are a list of social media which I have found to have the solutions to your problem.

Facebook Page

Want to have your logo sitting nicely in the centre and background picture with the optimised settings just like I did for my Berishiok spa blog ? I have found out from one of the PagesSizesDimensions Facebook Page that has been updating the changes that Facebook are making on their pages design.

Below are the latest changes made.
The optimum size for profile image and background for facebook page. (Note this picture is not to scale).

Profile Photo: 180px x 180px.
Cover Photo: Width: 851px x 315px.

Most of the other details can be seen on the image above.

Google+ Profile & Page

Although Google+ does have their own support page, but I think it will still be quite difficult to understand without any pictorial aid. I searched through the internet and found David Coleman Photography who provided a more comprehensive explanation of the Google+ Profile & Page image settings.

Profile Photo: 120px x 120px
Cover Photo:1080px x 608px. (aspect ratio of 135:76, very close to 16:9) This is the ideal size, for smaller size you can use 480px x 270px and largest is 2120px x 1192px.

One of the important point that David Coleman pointed out was that Google+ applies pretty heavy compression to the JPEG photos for the cover photo, it will be the best that an PNG-24 image (.png format) is uploaded. Just take note it might take a little while longer to load the pictures for some users with slow connection speed.

crane wikipedia google plus page imageThat is how I did it exactly for my crane blog, Crane Wikipedia

Hope that this post is beneficial to those searching for a solutions.

Difficulties finding your bookmarked links, use XMarks !

Cannot find your bookmarks links ?

You have a working desktop in the office and you also used a laptop to work from home. During your lunch break while having lunch, you found some interesting sites and bookmarked in your office desktop. You reached home wanting to continue with the articles on the particular sites,  but you can’t remember the link which is not found on your laptop! Next day, you import the links using a thumb drive and import the links onto your laptop …

Less hassle, sync all your bookmark altogether with XMarks.

Mozilla released a plugin, Weave Sync add-on version 1.0 for Firefox, allowing Mozilla users to synchronize bookmarks, saved passwords, browsing history and even open browser tabs. There is a better tool. It is the XMarks bookmark syncing tool. XMarks not only supports Firefox, but also Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. It actually includes the functions which Weave Sync add-on already have.

To good to be true ? Well that is not all. You can also view bookmarks from your mobile phone’s browser by going by logging in with XMarks username and password.

How to Use ?

Just go to XMarks Official Site, download the tool and install it onto those computers which you are using. Create a new user account with XMarks and you are ready to go.