3 Old School Tidbits That Brings Childhood Memories

Remembered the times while you was young ? There was these simple tidbits selling in the neighbourhood grocery stores and it could provide us with such happiness when we managed to persuade our parents to get one for us. Eating tidbits is considered a luxury as a child in the past. After so many years passed and being a grown up, sometimes these “old school” tidbits does bring back some childhood memories.

While I was traveling to Nilai, Malaysia, I managed to find some of the old school tidbits which can be rarely found in Singapore nowadays.

Big Q (on the left)
It is a hollow corn cracker coated with curry powder. Surprisely, the taste of the tidbits did not change after so much years. I managed to finish 10-20 sticks at one go !

Tora (Centre)
As mentioned on the box, it is really biscuit ball coated with chocolate. However, one thing which it did not mentioned is that there is toy as well.

Ding Ding (on the right)
Contained 2 pieces of sweet that tasted awfully, but also has a toy inside. I am not sure but perhaps of copyright issue with Doraemon, the cartoon character resemble Doraemon but with ears and hands with fingers. haha !