Lunch at Jyu Jyu Japanese Restaurant in Melbourne

We got to hurry up to finish our lunch and reach the graduation ceremony by 2pm. My sis recommended this Japanese restuarant for lunch and I thought they could be better. Mentioned to be one of the better Japanese restaurant she has eaten before while in Australia.

Basically all the staff in this restaurant is Japanese, but they do speaks good english. The one in white is the owner and heard from my sis that he is very strict with the staff..

We got so hungry that we have ordered a meat bun to share among 3 of us ..
Surprisingly nice… lolx. Better than Singapore’s meat bun.
Actually I was hoping high standard for their food,  but yet it disappointed me totally. I ordered a Ten-don and the friend prawns & veggies should be very crispy. If you see the photo below… It is kind of oily and definitely soggy.
My mom order a Tempura Udon while my sis ordered a Gyuu (Beef) Udon.
jyu jyu japanese restaurant at melboure australia
Super expensive !!!

We are done with our lunch and now heading to the graduation ceremony ground by taking a short trip on bus.

Why Can’t Singapore Have Such Clean Toilet Like Those in Melbourne ?

Running short of time liaoz… Took a train with my mom and sis to Clayton, a place nearby to the graduation ceremony location. Of course the first time we looked for after landing at Clayton was the toilet. There actually ain’t any toilet in the restaurant which we intended to go.

If you see this booth-like building from afar, it looks exactly is a carpark booth !!! The toilet is fully automated with voice assistance and the best part of it ? The toilet is super clean, compared to those in Singapore. It is absolutely free of charge and I think they did a great job of having this kind of portable toilet around the streets. Time to go for lunch..

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Reaching Somerset Hotel Apartment in Melbourne

Did not catch much sleep during the flight and ended up sleeping in the cab till arriving at our Somerset hotel apartment at Elizabeth Street. This is more like a family service apartment which has much amenities and also a small cooking area for perhaps some home cooking. But the stupid thing about this service apartment, if you are going with your family, why is there only one bed ? I thought they should include a sofa bed as well. The rooms cost est. AUS$ 250 per night, kind of expensive of this standard though.. Anyway, we are just going to put down our bag and go out for lunch.

Luckily the view outside was still not bad .

Reaching Melbourne.. After Years Without Visiting Melbourne

After 7 hours of flight and torturing on queue in the Australian Customs, we finally got out of the airport and onto the streets ! First of all, take a breath at the fresh air and smoke my first stick cigarette after the long journey. It has been almost an decade last since I traveled to Australia while I can still recalled vivid images of Australia when I visited the last time with my entire family for holidays.

The purpose of this trip was to attend my sister’s graduation ceremony at Monash University and my mom tagged along to celebrate with her as well. I have started working for quite some time and it has also been a year or so from my last holidays so it is good time for me to rest and relax.

Though it may looked like a sunny day, but you can feel the coldness from the strong wind blowing from time to time. Unbearable for us who had lived in a tropical country, not even my sister whom has been in Australia for almost two years. Quickly, we flagged a cab to bring us back to our Somerset Hotel Apartment for some rest.


australia airport

australia airport