Coffee Cattleya, Coffee Made From Sacred Water

Outside of the shop, they hanged a frame saying the following…

seriously, perhaps of the mental effect of the frame which I saw earlier at the doorstep, the coffee does taste exceptionally cooling… The sacred effect ? The shop also had a nice atmosphere, like old english pub.

Way back to the train station

We decided to walk our way back to Kyoto station and we saw this temple which are decorated with bright orange beams.. (I forgot the name, will update again) and saw this American singing along with the ducks and birds. Sentimental eh !? Perhaps we are not sawing much of this in Singapore anymore. Anyway, there was this old man feeding the ducks and pigeons at the side, which is prohibited in Singapore as well … Should include that in my new blog as well.

As we walk deeper in the temple, I found this ! I know this is a vintage car, but I am not sure what maker it is. This car is certainly still works, looking at the number plate it has. Anyone any clue ?

Walking to Kiyomizudera

From 2009-05-09 Huizhi to Kyoto

What a nice breakfast, now we are going to take the train to Kyoto, about 45 minutes ride.

From 2009-05-09 Huizhi to Kyoto

About Kyoto Tower

It is the tallest structure in Kyoto, with it observation deck at 100m (328 ft) and its spire at 131m (430 ft). This tower is directly opposite of Kyoto Station and you can see it after you exit from the station. The tower stands atop of a 9 storey building, which houses Kyoto Tower Hotel and some department stores.

Gotten take a bus to reach our destination – Kiyomizudera Station (清水寺駅). Still feeling tired due to lack of sleep, need a smoke… This is the Kyoto Tower (京都タワー), but thought of visiting later since we are coming back to the station again.

From 2009-05-09 Huizhi to Kyoto

Took a bus to our destination, Kiyomizudera. There are riding cards selling on the vending machines, which enables you to take unlimited rides on that day for 500 yen (ard S$7.50).After reaching the bus stop, we still have to walk about 25-30 minutes before reaching the temple. This is when we spotted the following ladies – Geisha (芸者). This are just “imitations”. There are shops in which provides make-up services as well as clothing for photo taking sessions. Heard that make up alone would take up to 2 hours.

From 2009-05-09 Huizhi to Kyoto