Okayama Int’l Circuit Part 7 – Final race

“Hey, wake up man!” said my Japanese friend. I mean he literally spoke English ! I was surprised who came by and my eyes opened up wide in just a split of a second. I wasn’t dreaming.

The final race is considered an official racing events and the pole positions are based on timing from previous practices. Did not have the time to take a good picture of it, instead, I did an video once again.

Finally, the day has ended up in a high note for my friend, he wasn’t the last in the placing, though that does not explains that he is really fast, just that some cars had problems during the race and had to be pulled out. But I am sure, he is addicted to racing after this time round, that goes the same for me.

Well, if you guys are interested in watching or even participate in the event, you might wanna to take a look at Okayama International Circuit’s website, but it is in Japanese only.

Below are the map that I have retrieved through Google Map and the circuit had their information pin-pointed on the map as well. Well, I supposed that is all for the trip. Gotten catch some sleep…

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Okayama Int’l Circuit Part 6 – Drifting tests on BMW 1 Series

Though we are not doing really fabulous drifts like those you guys might have seen from the animation Initial D, but I think it is quite an impressive for an BMW Series 1 5-door.

Before starting out with the test, we disabled the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), ensuring that it does not try to stabilize the vehicle while we try out with the drifting.

Ok, the first to go – the car’s owner.

Next, his friend is up to the act.

Oh, that me doing it. I supposed that I have not been driving for a while since I came to Japan. I was not really able to make it drift but more like doing big circling. After all, it is just an test, isn’t it ?

I am getting a bit tired after doing the video-ing and driving. Better get some rest before the final race starts. Yawns~~

Okayama Int’l Circuit Part 5 – Exploring the circuit

I was inside my friend’s BMW 1 series and we are circling around outside of the circuit and looking out the racing from other corners. Though it is quite interesting to see, but the weather is too cold for us to stand still for that long… better return to the car… Oh my god, I need to relieve myself..

Oh, by the way, some photos of the course.

Ahhh, at last.. ??? Oh, it is the Class B that are racing in the circuit right now. Better take a video of it as well. If you did noticed, the speed are much more slower and it sounds ‘slow’ as well. Isn’t it ? Oops, my friend is calling me, gotten go to another spot now.. He has discovered a huge piece of flat land somewhere around the course and decided use his BMW 1 Series to do drifting tests.

Okayama Int’l Circuit Part 4 – Start your engine !! Vroom Vroom

Soon the event is going to start soon, so everyone is making their final preparation on their cars. I was strolling along the course while I saw this driver doing some tires warm-up. It was a very cold day, almost close to 0 degree in the morning and without proper warm-up, there might be chances of tires slipping during the race.

As the time closes in, the cars are gathering at the pit stop. As it is not an official racing for the first few rounds, so all cars are starting through the pit stop.

Look! There is my friend, sitting inside of BMW M3. Though he is a newcomer in car racing, he is doing well.

The racers are closing in finishing the first lap, let’s see if my friend is coming by anywhere soon. Hmmm, where is he ? By the way, you heard the siren ? It signals that a car has just came into the pit.

The practice went on and on… until 4 pm in the afternoon. As there are different capacity class of cars, there are alternating racing period between the Class A and Class B. Though this is my first time viewing true racing, but it still gets bored quite quickly, simply because I am not the real person sitting inside the car. Soon one of my another friends came by and we decided to explore the circuit.

Okayama Int’l Circuit Part 3 – Going through the pits

There is still some time before the briefing and so we decided to take a walk down the pits to see other participants. Most are nicely tuned and customized for racing needs. The unnecessary metals replaced or remove. Window panels replaced with plastics instead, etc… Really a great bunch of enthusiasts.

There are more photos of individual cars actually, but I think that the photos are too much to line them up in the blog. You guys might want to see the photos at my Picasa gallery.

Announcement …. Gonna go to the conference room right now… But I am not even racing at all! THe best of all, I could not understand what they are talking about.

Okayama Int’l Circuit Part 2 – Racing Preparation

Oh my god !!! I think i wore too little clothing, I did not predict that it would be 0 degree! Or perhaps I should have seen the weather forecast because the weather is too weird in Japan.

By the way, my friend was driving in the BMW M3 while the Porsche was a company associate. It is more likely because of the strict business relationship in Japan, he has no choice but take his 3 months old M3 to the racing track.


Checking out the engine if anything is wrong

Mounting up video camera to take down the moments during the racing. This is also served as a reference for the driver. He is an experienced driver who has been racing since 10-15 years ago.


This is the first time my friend is participating in the race and in order for other racers to take precaution. And the funny part is, he is the only one new driver that is taking part in the race. lol

Hmmm, not trying to package up the car, but taping around those areas will prevent damage and worn off of the car’s paint in case there are small stones on the tracks which fly out at incredible speed.

We are done ! Ready for race then …. Getting all heat up …