Lunch at Barbara Crepe & Galetter

Finally met my friend at the station, the worst thing to do in Japan is to meet at train stations as there are too much exits and if you went to the wrong exit, that it. You either ends up in another place or you can just get lost in the streets.

We had our lunch at Barbara and I ordered a crepe ..

with a cold corn soup. It tasted good though.

Trip to Yokohama

Currently preparing my stuff to return back to Singapore. Hooray !!! Since I have some time right now, I will do a short write up to my trip to Yokohama.

I was supposed to meet one of my business friend in Gunma (群馬), so I decided to push my trip forward and visit my friend in Yokohama since I have been there many times, but mostly for work. I stay in sakuragicho hotel for a night before meeting her the next day.

There were nothing to do in the night and I bought my dinner at KFC (which is totally different of what we are having in Singapore), and return to my hotel. Took some shots at the Ferris wheel and the amusement land as well.