Finally, I Have Reach Las Vegas, The Casino Resort City

The plane has touched down safely at the Las Vegas airport and it is also the end of the tormenting hours of transit and flight from Singapore to Las Vegas. Upon exiting the arrival halls, you will feel alive in the Casino City, with Jackpots machines litters across the luggage collection point.

Something new which you will never see in Singapore, a 24-hour fresh flower vending machine! However, I could not really figure out why would a vendor place this machine at the airport while everyone is rushing to the casino city. The price is stated from USD 10 to USD 20 per bouquet and I would think it is overpriced compared to Singapore (except during Valentine’s Day).

Without any further delay, we quickly exit the airport to look for transport to our hotel, Planet Hollywood. Instead of getting a van or bus, we booked an limousine for 2-hours to take the entire group of six for a short tour around in the Las Vegas Strip before sending us to the hotel. The rates is USD 75 per hour if my memory did not fails me. However, the more important task is to get a local sim card for mobile internet and local phone usage. Funny enough, the driver recommended us a local big electronics superstore which we found out that they ran out of sim cards for sale. How can that be ? Thinking back about it, the airport was actually spacious enough to accommodate at least one or two stalls, why no one is selling sim card at all ?