Las Vegas Trip – Landed in San Francisco Airport for Flight Transit

Finally, after a seven hours of flight from Singapore to Korea Incheon and again twelve hours of flight, we arrived at San Francisco airport, transiting again to Las Vegas. The body clock is totally out of order right now, as it is midnight in Singapore, but day time in USA. The worst part of it was there was many turbulences throughout our flight to San Francisco, there wasn’t much chance we could get a good rest. First thing of all after landing, find a place to smoke…..

A hard ride for hardcore smokers, staying on plane for more than 10 hours without a smoke. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a smoking corner inside the airport and we have to exit from the waiting area to outside. At last a breath of fresh air outside the airport. Really cool weather. Seems like there are upgrading the airport at the moment. Perhaps a new control tower at the back ?

Queuing up and re-entry into the airport really exhaust me. After a day long of flight without a good rest, I am starting to feel fatigue, but how could I sleep in such broad daylight ? Yawns. Transit flight to Las Vegas is slightly delayed so better close my eyes and take a power nap.

Boarded the plane and just another one hour we will be reaching Las Vegas, ending my twenty over hours of ride in the high skies. Nice weather, hope the flight too will be good.

Believe this ? Virgin America really found a good way to package their plane. Cool lighting. What is more cool is their own Virgin America safety video, really creativity way to catch one’s attention. Good bye San Francisco, I will back again for my one day stopover soon.