Enjoying Kyoto’s Famous Tofu, Yuba and Unagi With My Singaporean Friend

My Yuba lunch set Beside known as a ancient city for Geisha, Kyoto is also famous for three food – Tofu (豆腐), Yuba (ゆば) and Unagi (鰻). Though it was not my first time to Kyoto (I have went there before during my school excursion trip), I did not really tried on the local delicacies As my friend was visiting Kyoto for the first time, I thought it would be good to bring her for those, but we only managed to eat Yuba and Unagi as the Tofu are quite pricey, around 1,500 yen (S$ 22.50). Some might wonder why Kyoto is famous for Tofu and Yuba. One of the reasons is because Kyoto is place for Buddhism devotees where there are thousands of temples within the …

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2009年 メリックの百人一首大会が行われた!

休みのときに、全部の詩を覚えた?めちゃ難しいですね。僕は全然見なかった。幸いのことが、先生はテクニックを教えてくれたし、みんなは想像力でいろいろなおかしいの方法少し覚えた。。 例え、1.す。。ゆめ。。(僕はいつも酢豚を考えてるけど。。)2.このたびは。。まにまに (Money Money)3.わすらるる。。ひとのいのちの (のいの<<それは顔みたいですね)4.なげきつつ。。いか (食べ物のイカと想像した)5.ゆらのとを。。 ゆくへ。。 (両方は”ゆ”から) じゃ、クラスのリーダーを紹介するわ。Mr. キム ヨン ジュン さん 大会が始め前に、先生たちはルールを説明する。。 みんな聞いてる? 始めますよ!! A4クラスは第3名だけど、そんなに頑張っていないの状態で、いいだと思う。。まあまあ、結構クラスの皆さは協力がありますね。拍手をしたり、やっているのクラスメートを励ましたり。校長先生から賞金をもらった。 じゃ、次は別々クラスの全員写真です! S1 Class Group Photo A1 Class Group Photo A2 Class Group Photo A3 Class Group Photo A4 Class Group Photo A5 Class Group Photo A6 Class Group Photo A7 Class Group Photo A8 Class Group Photo

Kobe Trip Chapter 1 – Sannomiya Station

火曜の時、友達と約束した通りに、神戸ルミナリエに行ってみるつもりだ。学校を終わって、すぐに友達を集めって、一緒に電車乗っていた。でもね、昼ごはん食べなかったので、お腹めちゃ空いてしまった。早く神戸に着きたいなあ。神戸ルミナリエ 第1話 三宮駅 三宮駅から出て、すぐにOIOIやSOGOや大丸などのデパートがあった。何か大阪との感じがずいぶん違っているね。ああ、お腹めちゃめちゃ空いている。。南京街で食べに行こう!じゃ、とりあえず元町に行くぜ! View Larger Map

MacDonald’s Potato Bacon Pie and McRIB Burger

Japan has been trying to improve their creativity in food, including fast-food restaurants like MacDonalds. I have been working there for a year and seen many new products out on the selves. Below are two that has been out recently, but for a limited time. I was quite curious on this new burger called McRIB because I was told it was delicious by my friends. Thought it has the same taste as Teriyaki Burger, but better aroma. Let’s take a dessert ! Kinda sick of apple pie… it is good that this Bacon Potato pie came to my rescue. It reminded me of Campbell’s Baked potato with Cheddar and Bacon bits soup, which are impossible to find even in large supermarkets.

Bicycle As A Main Transportation Mean in Japan

Majorities of the Singaporean would consider cycling as a sports in East Coast Park, but would never thought of it as a general mean of transport. Furthermore, it is not an easy task to ride along streets as Singapore traffic rules are too difficult to abide with. Just too many ! Surprisingly, Japanese uses bicycle like a normal transportation and sights of bicycles can be seen anywhere, yes even in the darkest corners of the streets. The interesting thing that you can find salary man in a suit and yet riding on a bicycle early in the morning. While some others use it as a substitute for walking from their home to the train station, and it is the reason why there are always that much …

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Cigarette Vending Machines at Osaka, Japan

I was cleaning up my photo albums one day and I saw this interesting photo which thought it might be good to post it on my blog. One interesting fact in Japan is that are so many 7-11, family mart located along the street which are just few meters away, the streets are still being littered with vending machines selling drinks and cigarettes. I did a brief calculation the number of vending machines around a block and guess what ? There is a total of more than 20 vending machines ! A sight which you will never see in Singapore. These vending machines are available 24 hours along the street, so hooray for the smokers ! By the way, the cigarettes that are selling in Japan …

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My Japanese Language School – Meric Japanese School

This is the Japanese Language School which I am currently studying at, located near the computer street, Nipponbashi and as well Namba, where you can find a lot of shopping areas. MERIC Japanese Language School1-10-6 Nippombashi-Higashi Naniwa-kuOsaka 556-0006Tel: 06-6646-0606Fax: 06-6646-0320Website: http://meric.bho.or.kr/eng/main/ There are staff who can speaks English, Mandarin and a female staff who can speaks Spanish.