Spam Kimchi Ra-Myon at Bugis Plus Seoul Yummy

I was at Bugis Plus waiting to catch the Steve Job movie at 9.20pm but I would need to fill my stomach before the movie. Despite having Korean food just one week ago at Manbok Galbi Korean BBQ, I ended up choosing korean cuisine again despite the great varieties of Japanese ramen restaurants available at that level.

It actually impressed me when they are serving small portions of appetisers just like other korean restaurants although I have ordered only one bowl of ramen.  However, the waiter was trying to serve me more of those which I found it redundant as I would not be able to finish my ramen and the appetisers all together, so I requested him to stop serving more to me. Save it for other customers.
Here comes the ramen and at the first look, it appealed to me as a cheap and “I am not so good to eat” presentation. My girl friend and I agreed mutually that it looks slightly like a home cooked instant noodle. Supposed to be a Kimchi ramen, but the Kimchi used was terribly tasteless and you could taste that no efforts was spent on the soup base. I have been to Korea twice and tasted how they flavoured their food to cover the cheap taste over sausages and luncheon, but not this. Not recommended.

Kimchi Ra-Myon
Spam Kimchi Ramen

As mentioned in their logo, korean casual dining and I wonders if this really means casual cooking as well. Nevertheless, I might be the one that ordered the wrong dish in the vast variety on the menu. I will come back some day for the Army Stew they are promoting ferociously.

Bugis+, 201 Victoria St #04-11,S188067
Tel: 6509 6900
Operating Hours: Mon to Thu – 11.30am to 10pm, Fri to Sun – 11.30am to 10.30pm