Reunion Dinner at Dempsey’s Long Beach – With Yu Sheng !

It is hard to imagine how time passed and soon we are entering the year of Snake. As usual, before the starts of the Chinese New Year, my friends and I would all gather together to have our own annual dinner at Dempsey’s Long Beach. I supposed this is the third time which we are having Chinese New Year Dinner at the same location. Yu Sheng It is a tradition in most Chinese people to have Yu Sheng aka Lo Hei in Singapore. It is a dish that symbolizes good luck and fortune coming year and a must dish prior to the start of dinner. We had two tables and decided to combined our Yu Sheng together to make a mega one. Something special as compared to the …

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Modern Coffee Bar in a Old Shophouse-styled Cafe – Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Today was my first month anniversary with my girlfriend and we have make some simple plans for the day. Both of us are absolute coffee addicts and without it, it could literally means end of the world for us. Today, I gave her a surprise when I brought her to one of the famous cafe at Tyrwhitt Road. This shophouse turned coffeeshop is definitely a place which no one will really notice if you pass by due to its heritage appearance. They kept the original building concept of the shophouse which was built during early stage of Singapore and there was not much decoration done to identity itself as a coffeeshop. Furthermore, the word “hardware” have misled some that thought it was just an old hardaware store. Heritage …

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Delightful Breakfast at The Marmalade Pantry in Fairways Drive

Waking up on a Sunday morning for breakfast is one of the hardest tasks that I cannot accomplish over the last three years since I started the work life. However, as a promise to my current girl friend, i own her a breakfast which I only managed to fulfill 3 weeks later. However, things don’t get that smoothly in the morning as I sank back into the bed after turning off the alarm and was late for the appointment. The venue was not chosen at the point when we met, while I was in for Forty Hands at Tiong Bahru, she was keen in bringing in to Riders Cafe, which is steps away from Marmalade Pantry. Arriving at the Rider Cafe, it was overwhelm was people queuing …

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Dinner with friends at Ebisboshi Shotengai

It was the 1st time I visited here. Anyway I was so busy working these few days that I did not even know that there was this Japanese restaurant hiding inside of Iluma. As usual, I was late for my dinner appointment again and all my friends has finished their meals right after I came into the restaurant. 僕はこのラストランは初めてきた。最近は忙しくて、あまり時間がないので、新しいラストランがIlumaにできたこと全然分からなかった。いつもと同じ、今日も約束に遅刻してしまったんで、ラストランに入ったと、みんなも食事終わった所だ。。 My lobster ramen set. tasty looking ? Closer view at the lobster ramen I would admit that after staying in Osaka in 2 years, I am actually not really adapted to Japanese food in Singapore because the taste and freshness of the dish is quite incomparable. But well, face the fact that I am living in Singapore. The soup does tasted delicious but I found that it …

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MacDonald’s Potato Bacon Pie and McRIB Burger

Japan has been trying to improve their creativity in food, including fast-food restaurants like MacDonalds. I have been working there for a year and seen many new products out on the selves. Below are two that has been out recently, but for a limited time. I was quite curious on this new burger called McRIB because I was told it was delicious by my friends. Thought it has the same taste as Teriyaki Burger, but better aroma. Let’s take a dessert ! Kinda sick of apple pie… it is good that this Bacon Potato pie came to my rescue. It reminded me of Campbell’s Baked potato with Cheddar and Bacon bits soup, which are impossible to find even in large supermarkets.

Convenience stores in Japan

In Singapore, kopitiam (Coffeeshops) can be widely found along the streets, but in Japan, you can find a lot of convenience stores around the neighborhood. Shops and restaurants closes relatively early in Japan, mostly 8-9pm while late night shops closes around 2 am. Most Singaporeans has a habit of taking supper (which is obvious not an healthy lifestyle) and mostly operates late into night or till morning. I had my difficulties curbing my “habit” of finding here in Japan and the only places I can go ? As below. I will update again on those food we can in there. 7-11 Family Mart Lawson