Standing Sushi Bar – eating fresh catch

Chinese New Year is over but festive mood still lingers in the air. Feeling tired after dragging myself to work today but recharged with a nice dinner.


Salmon Sashimi

Thin slices of salmon sashimi going for only $3 for 5 pieces. A worthwhile deal.

Pitan Tofu

Seasoned tofu topped with diffused Pitan, crab and fish roe. ($6)

Scallop with Mentai Aburi, Salmon with Mentai Aburi & Salmon with Ponzu Chili Aburi (Ala Carte)

The Standing Sushi Bar was famous for the freshness of the fish, hence sushi is a must-try at the restaurant.

Beef Steak Set


Boiled octopus with green and Tuna Aburi in sauce.

The Main

Salad, pickles, beef, soup, and rice. They do provide an alternative choice for the rice. You can get brown rice instead of Japanese rice. I guessed meat wasn't their specialty, it was not very fantastic.

Standing Sushi Bar

#B2-51 Marina Bay Link Mall
Tel: 66347068

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