Why and How You Should Pamper Your Feet in a Spa

Feet are the part of your body that suffer a  lot during the course of even the easiest days. From wearing uncomfortable shoes, standing for a prolong period of time o simply trudging along on hard surfaces where every step feels like you are ruining your feet. We must also never forget all the various injuries and ailments that can affect your feet. For all these reasons, there is a definite need for some foot pampering every now and then. The best way ? Going to the spa near you.

Foot Reflexology Takes You to Heaven

Anyone who has ever been to a spa to have a massage will tell you that it is one of the best things in the world and definitely one of the most relaxing. The good news is that there are specialized massages that are concentrated specifically on your feet and that will make you feel as if someone is taking all of your problems away.

The most popular foot massage these days is the traditional foot reflexology, today much more popular as reflexology massage. The point of this massage is to get your body rid of energy blockages that accumulate over time. This is done by pressing on specific points on the foor which then release these blockages.

Thai massage is very similar to this one, with one important difference. Instead of fingers and knuckles, the masseur (masseuse) uses wooden stocks to press the points, which then in turn alleviate blockages.

If you wish, you can always go for an athletic massage of feet and legs which is more geared towrads people who spend a lot of time on their feet and who need something more therapeutic and relaxing.

Pedicures to Really Pamper Your Feet

You can get pedicures anywhere these days, but if you ask someone who actually knows a thing or two about a professional pedicure, they will tell you one thing – go to a spa. Spas employ the best professionals from the field who will certainly do a much better job compared to those in local malls whom self-taught the skill through watching a 20-minutes Youtube video on how to do pedicures.

Pedicures are the most comprehensive treatment for your feet and they will all include the most important steps – soaking, scrubbing, exfoliation, cleaning and even massages at times. In addition to this, they will cut and trim your cuticles and nails and finally give them a good polish.

Still, despite all of them involving these steps, there are many pedicures that are very different from one another. For example, the classic French pedicure will be characterized by the white tips of the nails and clear finish for the rest. The Margarita pedicure will involve all kinds of products based on lime, hence the name. The champagne pedicure involves grape products and sometimes actual wine or champagne. With the paraffin pedicure, you dip your feet in paraffin wax before applying nail polish.

New and Exciting Treatments

One of the latest treatments that you can get in spas today is the fish pedicure. With this pedicure, you dunk your feet into a tank which is filled with special fish that eat the dead skin from the feet. If you are worried about the safety issue of fish pedicure, it is good idea to first talk to a podiatry expert who will be able to tell you all about this.

There are also detox baths and wraps that many spas do and which are supposed to help your body get rid of toxins from your body. These are an incredible way to do something truly beneficial for your body and your feet.

In short, go to a spa and give your feet some pampering !

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