Bringing Xiao Jian for Training at Smartdoggy Studio

My younger sister called me last minute in the late afternoon to ask if I will be free to bring her loved Bull Terrier, Xiao Jian, for training at Smartdoggy Studio. My dog has been not feeling well for the past week and it would be a good time to train her physical up. I think Xiao Jian was too excited as she knew that we are bringing her out on my car. After she entering the car, it just became a playground for her, walking along my back seats and snuggling into the arms of my younger sister. We set off at 8pm and reached in time 8.30pm. Apparently, we was early and there was no other dogs inside Smartdoggy Academy. Xiao Jian was so …

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Big Changes Around My House ! Going for Staycation Today !

Yesterday night was a disaster as my wisdom tooth came back to hunt me down which I had to go down for a super last minute check up at Heartland Mall’s DP Dental. Unfortunately, the surgeon dentist is not around and I had to wait two weeks later to remove both of my wisdom tooth. I am going for stay-cation today at Ritz Charlton and hopefully that the pain will not spoil my day. Bartley Residences in its last stage of works. Weather does helped me a lot this morning. It has been the only few of the weekends that are not raining and sun is shining down on us. While I looked through the Bartley Residences, it seems that only some more exterior works to …

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My Short “Excursion” at Marina Bay Financial Center Tower 3

The Art of Gao Xiaowu, two Standard Times series, Fibreglass, colour coated, Edition 18/20 acquired in 2007. After my dinner at Kaiko Japanese restaurant, my girl friend and I decided to explore the 3rd level of MBFC Tower 3, which was the DBS Office. She wanted to show me the unique sculptures that are displayed along the hallways. There stood two shiny white figures sculptures, both in different body postures, bowing down with a smiling faces pointed towards us. After some research, these are sculptures done by one of the famous China’s artist, Mr. Gao Xiaowu. About Mr. Gao Xiaowu Gao Xiaowu (高孝午) was born in Sanming, Fujian province in 1976 and currently lives and works in Beijing, China. He enrolled in the sculpture department of …

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Another Working Sunday at Fusionpolis with Star War’s Yoda

The giant tree stood in between the open space at One North Residences. It was raining heavily the previous night and I was quite worried about my job at Fusionpolis. Indeed, calls poured in the following day late morning and we have some issues that requires me to go down to take a look. While I had to stay on to supervise my job, my girlfriend and I decided to grab some food at a nearby cafe, Jimmy Monkey Cafe & Bar. A link bridge between the two blocks of condomium. So far as I know, One North Residences is currently the only residential development in Fusionpolis and housed a lot of foreign talent. Entire place was surrounded by green and atmosphere was serene in a …

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Who Banged into my BMW ?

As usual, everyday after work I will park my car in the corner of the road. However, this “fine” morning while I was walking towards my car and I saw something different on my front bumper. Initially I thought it was just some dirt that I picked up on my way home yesterday but apparently…. not. Someone has just banged into my car ! Argh ! It is really hard to believe that someone had banged into my car parking right in front of my house ! The leftover “evidence” seems like paint from a lorry or pick-up. The matter of fact, my anger was partial because it was a new car (less than a year), but the driver that caused the scratches did not find …

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Eating out with Ah Sam at C. Nai Hong Kong Cafe Xpress

Mango Queen 芒果王后 XO 炒萝卜糕 辣味肉松烤茄子 The carrot cake was really nice in the past but I think the standard dropped quite a lot. The eggplant was a first time try, but surprising it tasted good, except that too much corn flour was used to cook the dish. Update (7th Jan 2015) The entire place at east coast park was closed down for revamp. Meanwhile, I have decided to separate out my food reviews to another blog, Fooding Singapore. If you are looking for other food reviews, you can try to find out more from there.

說說就好… Just like Singaporean.

Really fits Singaporean attitude ofKiasu [怕输], Kiasee [怕死] 說 說 就 好說 了 又 不 聽聽 了 又 不 懂不 懂 又 不 問問 了 又 不 做做 了 又 做 錯錯 了 又 不 認認 了 又 不 改改 了 又 不 服不 服 又 不 说 Singlish (English) Version of the Chinese Poem Above(Translated by one of my friend) Say liao but then dun listen, Listen liao but then dun understand, Understand liao but then dun ask, Ask liao but then dun do, Do liao but then do wrongly, Do wrongly liao but then dun admit, Admit liaoz but then dun repent, Repent liao but then buay song, Buay song but then dun say.

Best Indian Movie I have Watched – Slumdog Millionaire

When I was young, I remembered that Indian movies broadcasting in the TV and it is always about dancing, but yet I can spent hours finishing the movie. I could not recall when was the last time I did that stunt, but I managed to watch one Indian movie and it is unexpectedly interesting. The movie is called Slumdog Millionaire directed by Danny Boyle and co-directed by Loveleen Tandan. The plot of the story is about an 18 years old orphan, named Jamal Malik (Casted Dev Patel) who was to about to experience the biggest day of his life and one question away from winning 20,000,000 rupees in India’s “Who wants to be a Millionare ?” But he was arrested a night before the game show …

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