Izakayas in Japan

If you love to drink, or just want to experience the all-round izakaya ambience in Japan, you might want to be informed of the different types (and prices) of Izakayas in Japan. An Izakaya 居酒屋 is basically a drinking establishment that offers an array of food. Both food and drink-wise, there are western and traditional Japanese choices. However, the main focus in an Izakaya are the drinks. The common choices of food are Yakitori, kushiyaki and karaage. For drinks, the popular choices would be the draft beer and shochu. Popular Izakayas:-Watami 和民 (Find Watami in Singapore)-Tori Kizoku 鳥貴族 (Everything for 280 Yen) -Wara Wara 笑笑 -Tengu 天狗-Shiroki-Ya 白木屋-Tsubohachi つぼ八

Pizza Hut

Yawns* Though I went to Tamade, I was too lazy to cook and I called in my “chef” – home delivery. By the way, this is my first time ordering of Pizza Hut in Japan. I liked the way their online ordering works. Quick yet simple. Search the nearest shop, select the menu, and they will send an confirmation e-mail via mobile phone. Confirm through the mobile phone and within the promised 40 minutes, the food is right in front of your eyes. Knowing that Japanese have a weak taste bud (no spicy food for most of them), they would give packet of mayonnaise dressing and Japanese-styled sauce. But why no grated cheese ? 4-in-1 Pizza Mix, with cheese-stuffed crust Sesame fried chicken, not as delicious …

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Asahi Canned Coffee series

Maybe to most of you, Asahi stands out as a branding for Japanese beer. But not only in that case, they are also actively with beverages in Japan as well. Another fact which you might not know about is they do have their Asahi Shimbun (Newspaper) as well. I am not quite an alcoholic drinker and most of the time I would take their coffee instead. I would not say that they are providing the best canned coffee in the world, but perhaps they do have a series of nice coffee as well. Below are just some photos which I have kept for myself on the canned coffee. Morning Au Lait (Stated that only on sale in Tokyo) Morning Shot

Convenience stores in Japan

In Singapore, kopitiam (Coffeeshops) can be widely found along the streets, but in Japan, you can find a lot of convenience stores around the neighborhood. Shops and restaurants closes relatively early in Japan, mostly 8-9pm while late night shops closes around 2 am. Most Singaporeans has a habit of taking supper (which is obvious not an healthy lifestyle) and mostly operates late into night or till morning. I had my difficulties curbing my “habit” of finding here in Japan and the only places I can go ? As below. I will update again on those food we can in there. 7-11 Family Mart Lawson