One of the Best Leisure in Osaka – Singing Karaoke !

Karaoke in Japan is a huge phenomenon that is extremely popular among everyone in any age group. It can be a past time for retirees, a hobby for students or just for working adults that need to take the stress off. There is no way you can walk down a street in the city without seeing numerous karaoke stores or staff on the streets handing out flyers, advertisements or holding a signboard yelling out the latest promotions. The karaoke room you get varies from the number of people you have in your party. It also depends on the peak hours and whether the karaoke house is full up or not. You are also allowed to smoke in the rooms, so don’t be surprised if you smell …

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A Walk Through the Ancient World of Geisha at Kyoto’s Gion

The history of Gion (祇園) back dated to the Middle Ages, where it has been a district built t accommodate the needs of ttravelersand visitors visiting Yasaka Shrine. Slowly, the area gained its fame and become one of the most exclusive and well-known geisha (芸者)districts in Japan. While geisha refers to “artist” or “person of the arts” in Japan, Gion geisha uses a local term called geiko (芸子), meaing “a child of the arts” or “a woman of art”. Though there are considerable decline in the number of geisha in Gion, it is still famous for the preservation for the traditional architecture and entertainment. Partial of the district is being preserved under national historical buildings and there are ongoing restoration on the streets og Gion, including …

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Enjoying Kyoto’s Famous Tofu, Yuba and Unagi With My Singaporean Friend

My Yuba lunch set Beside known as a ancient city for Geisha, Kyoto is also famous for three food – Tofu (豆腐), Yuba (ゆば) and Unagi (鰻). Though it was not my first time to Kyoto (I have went there before during my school excursion trip), I did not really tried on the local delicacies As my friend was visiting Kyoto for the first time, I thought it would be good to bring her for those, but we only managed to eat Yuba and Unagi as the Tofu are quite pricey, around 1,500 yen (S$ 22.50). Some might wonder why Kyoto is famous for Tofu and Yuba. One of the reasons is because Kyoto is place for Buddhism devotees where there are thousands of temples within the …

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Kobe Trip Chapter 13 – Going Back to Osaka

Finally, the festival are over and the crowd are dispersing. It was time that we have to return to Osaka (else we will be sleeping on the streets of Kobe), however, my Korean friend wasted no time but to take more photos before leaving the beautiful decorated Kobe. As a matter of fact, we have been walking for hours since our arrival at Kobe in the afternoon, starting from Sannomiya. While we struggled to walk to back to the station, we managed to catch the last train back to Osaka…. for nice late night coffee and supper.Well, although I had already developed the habits of having late night supper in Singapore, I just got more companions over here in Osaka, tasting Korean food. Cheers. 神戸ルミナリエ 第13話 帰る!!!(13.12.08) …

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My One Day Stay at Kobe Portopia Hotel

Nice views, this area is mostly surrounded by industry as it is near to sea ports and companies would use this advantages to boost their company services. Views of the hotel room. Though the size is not that big, but the design is quite modern. The only bad thing about the room is probably the lighting. Good for travelers, but if you intend to do some business meetings in the room , I think it is better to change a place for it. Kobe Portopia Hotel10-1, 6 Chome, Minatojima NakamachiChuo-ku, Kobe, 650-0046, JapanTel: +81-78-3021111Fax:

Drinking and Bonding Session at Shinsabashi – 心斎橋の飲み会 (14.11.2008)

From A7クラス集会 よかったなあ。前に同じクラスけど、みんなと一緒に食事とか話のチャンスがなかったので、残念だと思ったが、でも今回の集会は本当に楽しいぞ。でもね、その日にも仕事があって、二次会に行かなくなるものだって。まだみんなと一緒に遊ぶよ。 p・s 彼女の募集も締め切ったので、残念!


あ、眠い。。。昨日の晩にサイシンさんとビリヤードしに行った。多分4時ごろ寝てったちゃう?遠足のため、出発の時間に遅れないように朝早に起きって、居眠りの顔で学校に着いた。や、先生、何で僕たちのクラスはBクラスの人と一緒に行くの?つまらないやで。まあ、しようがないなあ、早くビンゴしよう! ヒヒ、やっと着いた。知らずうちに寝ちゃた、早く降りって、タバコ吸いに行く。。。あれ?弁当は今配ってる?まさか。。。まだ一年前のごはん大体同じ、冷たくて味が全然ないののりぎり。 ご飯食べた後、ちょっと余裕の時間があったでしょう?その間に何をするかなと僕たちはあちらこちらで歩きながら、考えていた。ハ、ゲームしようか?それでみんな集めて、この平な土で以下のゲームをしたものだ。おっ、時間だ。じゃ、早く並んで忍者場に入る。。。すると、忍者姉さんの説明が始まりぞ