Bicycle As A Main Transportation Mean in Japan

Majorities of the Singaporean would consider cycling as a sports in East Coast Park, but would never thought of it as a general mean of transport. Furthermore, it is not an easy task to ride along streets as Singapore traffic rules are too difficult to abide with. Just too many !

Surprisingly, Japanese uses bicycle like a normal transportation and sights of bicycles can be seen anywhere, yes even in the darkest corners of the streets. The interesting thing that you can find salary man in a suit and yet riding on a bicycle early in the morning. While some others use it as a substitute for walking from their home to the train station, and it is the reason why there are always that much of bicycles ‘gathering’ around train stations areas.

For me, it is a transport to and fro school, my part time shop and while going out with friends. Now, I would consider it very troublesome if I do not have a bicycle for my transport, the reasoning being taking a train to school (around 35 mins) and riding a bicycle to school (15 mins) is a much better choice, as in I can sleep for another 20 mins more every morning. Haha.

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