My First Home-cooked Meal as a Student in Japan

Though living in Japan, the cheapest way to settle a meal is to make one by yourself, but as you know, guys are lazy to run errands and do the cooking. Especially washing dishes. I am a guy who likes “challenges” thus i have tried to make my own dinner, in the first week I arrived in Osaka.

Scrambled egg with onions. Actually it is supposed to look like a pancake-shape, but I messed it up.

Kinou with butter (Straw Mushrooms). Too salty…

Ok, I admitted it.. Donkatsu (Japanese-style fried chicken). Bought it at 7-11.

Well, that is my dinner. I did the cooking and shared it with my sister. Saying that it is not bad for first-timer, but that was the first and the last time I cooked in that month…

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