Two Days Trip in Jakarta – Dinner at Suntiang in Grand Indonesia (Day 1)

Interior of Suntiang

Exploration of our room took quite a while before finally settling down on the sofa for a short rest. One of our objectives for this trip was to enjoy one good massage and we started flipping through the directory in the hotel room. We booked a couple massage at 10pm which gives us ample time for dinner and strolling around the neighbouring complex.

Exhaustedly, we rested on the bed and unnoticeably, we had fallen asleep… The journey to our hotel has worn us out a little due to the bad traffic. We woke up in time just to catch a glimpse of the sun setting beautifully upon the central square. We pulled ourselves out from the bed to wash up a bit before going down in search for a place for our dinner.

From the hotel’s lobby, we can access to the Grand Indonesia’s West Mall without leaving the main building. The shopping centre is spacious and I would say “uniquely” designed that it becomes slightly complicated to explore. We had to go all the way to level 3 before going through the connecting mall to access the restaurants.

street-like restaurant on the dining level of Grand Indonesia Mall.

Be amazed by the interior design of the dining level as they have decorated to be like walking along an outdoor street – the entire stretch of it. Definitely much better feel compared to those Japan street or Hong Kong streets we have in Singapore’s shopping mall. I believe you can see that they really put in many efforts into designing the restaurants as well. Below are a few creative designs.

Fook Yew restaurant at Grand Indonesia Mall

Cafe at Grand Indonesia Mall

While we have wandered in the mall for so long and unable to decide which restaurant for our dinner (almost all looks appealing), we ended up at Suntiang. What is so special about them ? They are the first restaurant (maybe in Indonesia) to combine authentic West Sumatran recipes in Japanese style. They even had a conveyor belt for the food ! Below are some of the dish that we have tried.

Suntiang's Brocolli AgedashiBroccoli Agedashi – Japanese-styled tofu in miso soup with Broccoli.

Suntiang's Ayam PopAyam Pop – One of my favourite West Sumatran dish which can also be found in Nasi Padang. A Minang cooking style that involved marinating the chicken with ingredients and spices before boiling or at times fried. The chilli sauce helps to bring out the sweetness of the meat while the spiciness mingle with your tongue. A must try dish.

Suntiang's Sayur NangkaSayur Nangka – At its first sight, I was wondering if this is chunks of meat or bones. In fact, this is young jackfruit simmered with various spices. The sauce is nice but I could not accept the taste of jackfruit cooked with spices. I only managed to take a small bite out of it before giving up.

Suntiang's Gindara BakarGindara Bakar – Char-grilling the Gindara traditional Indonesian-style and set aside was a special mix chilli sauce to go with. The fish alone is flavourful. Try it with the chopped chilli and garlic sauce to enhance the taste.

Soon after dinner, we have to rush back to the hotel for our massage appointment at 10pm.

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