Tuina Oil Massage at Green Apple Spa (Jurong East)

I was having a great headache today and thought of going for a massage in Jurong area. The day before I was actually wanted to visit V Wellness Spa but instead I accompanied my friend for supper. Today, we was finding the other branch of V Wellness Spa called New Wellness Spa. we was looking around the neighborhood for the spa and was stumbled upon a big poster that write “Green Apple Spa”. I was astonished as I was a regular at North Bridge Road’s Green Apple Spa, but they are totally  unrelated. Of course we thought it was an imitation to attract customers but after the massage we have thought otherwise.

They specialized in Tuina massage and the spa was manned by Chinese nationals which we thought the service might not be that good. The spa was clean and the envoirnment was quiet. We went for a 90 minutes body massage and the results were good.
The masseurs was very good with their finger works, working deep into the aching areas of the body, especially for my masseur, Ms. Alice. It can be felt that her hands are experienced and managed to pin point correctly all my aching area. Of course, this has been one of the most painful massage I had but at the same time pain reliving. 

During the course of massage, there was cheeky guy that came in to ask for massage and query if he could choose the masseur which immediately we knew he was looking for something different. Why do people still think that late night massage is always something special ? That a stupid thinking. Look at the poster outside !

Well coming back for the spa, we have paid $75 for a 90 minutes body massage which we considered it to be expensive given that town area are charging the same price, but it is definitely offset through the skills of the masseurs. Moreover, they are CaseTrust accredited with good business practice. I am sure that I will be back for the massage again.

The only downside is they only have 5 rooms and could be occupy easily even in the midnight so it is better to make a reservation before going down. 

Blk 343, Jurong East Street 31, #01-61
Singapore 600343
Opening Hours: 10am to 5am daily
There are ample parking lot available at the carpark right behind the spa during the night so no worries with it. 

5 thoughts on “Tuina Oil Massage at Green Apple Spa (Jurong East)

  1. I have been passing green apple spa 5 x a week for 6 months. Never have the courage to walk in to try. Until I read the above comments, I decided to give it a try as my neck, shoulder and back are protesting!!!!

    Really thanks to the above customer who posted the comments. This place is decent, and my masseur, Linda, is professional and has good TCM knowledge. She gave me advice on my slip disk problem. With just a few kneadings, she is able to tell where are my problem areas. ^_^

    Feel totally at ease when chatting with the masseurs like my own aunties. Finally I found a place for continuous 保健.

  2. Awesome job by the ladies there. They broke from the steorotypes which most of the existing massage/spa parlors had set, where they only have only one or two skilled masseurs and the rest are just average. Not in this case. I have visited them several times and tried most of the masseurs available there and they provide the same level of quality which in turn produce good quality. Going in in pain and soreness, coming out refreshed and so much better than before. The masseurs there are also very friendly and informative. During each session, they would point out to me where am I hurt and what are the possible reasons, they even shared with me some preventive measures to avoids those aches and pains. That's why everytime I am there, i feel comfortable instantly. Therefore, Green Apple Spa is definitely going to be my frequently visited place for relieving of body aches and pains. Great place. Awesome service.

  3. Thanks for your blog. Just back from massage, got giddy due to flu and feel body ache. Yes, this a good massage. Lily is the one who massge me today, she is quite good. She knows how to adjust the pressure as i cant take too much pressure for my hand. She did good job to massge my head, neck and back which i felt so stiff (maybe due to not well). Overall experience is satisfied, and i will come back again…. Recommended for family, as it is "clean" and healthy place to do massage.

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