Another Working Sunday at Fusionpolis with Star War’s Yoda

The giant tree stood in between the open space at One North Residences.

It was raining heavily the previous night and I was quite worried about my job at Fusionpolis. Indeed, calls poured in the following day late morning and we have some issues that requires me to go down to take a look. While I had to stay on to supervise my job, my girlfriend and I decided to grab some food at a nearby cafe, Jimmy Monkey Cafe & Bar.

A link bridge between the two blocks of condomium.

So far as I know, One North Residences is currently the only residential development in Fusionpolis and housed a lot of foreign talent. Entire place was surrounded by green and atmosphere was serene in a Sunday afternoon.

Inner of the Sandcrawler building from the enclosed garden.

While I was walking back to my site location, I was curious about this odd-shaped building and decided to cut through into the middle of it. What I found was a greenery sight enclosed by a sleek building design. I did some research and this is the Sandcrawler building by film making giant, Lucasfilm.

 Sandcrawler building was officially opened by Mr. Lee Hsien Loong on 16th Jan 2014.

Taken directly under the sandcrawler building.

Stony Yoda guarding the garden new Sandcrawler’s garden ? 

Before I end my “journey” in sandcrawler, there stood the famous Star Wars character, Yoda, solitary on a stone surrounded by water. Interesting. If you does not have much activities to do on a Sunday afternoon, I will suggest walking through these new buildings in Fusionpolis. Enjoy the quietness and unique architectural designs of the buildings.

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